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Life and Death of the Salt Marsh - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Environmental Studies Topic: State of the environment: Environmental Controversies Date: Life and Death of the Salt Marsh Introduction: Defined as wetlands that are always flooded, with characteristic plants that have soft stem, according to (US Environmental Protection Agency: EPA), marshes are of different types…
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Life and Death of the Salt Marsh
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Download file to see previous pages They are of great importance, in that they control the flow of waters reducing the chances of flooding in mainland. They also utilize excessive nutrients that would otherwise pollute the environment by growing various plant species. This discussion covers the wetland marshes of the eastern coast of North America. The salty marshes cover the whole of the eastern coast of North America. The most interesting thing about these marshes is that it is very difficult to understand its nature. The marshes are observed to be partially of a solid form and partially of a mobile water form. It is barely possible to tell where the marshes begin and where they end in the coastal sea (Teal, J., and M., Teal 30). Any observer will definitely be treated to a rare spectacle, in that when the tide is low, the grass marshes sounds like wind and when the tides are rife, the sound changes to a musical tune of crackling marshes on in waters. However, one thing seems to be unusual about the marshes surrounding environment. The birds living in the grassy marshes are known to sing and make noises even when the other entire creatures are still. This leaves a question as to whether the marshes affect the behavior of the other living organisms within its surrounding environment. ...
The fact that some people can consider the foul smell similar to that of rotten eggs to be pleasant, raises concern. The feel touch and feel nature of these marshes is also controversial (Teal, J., and M., Teal 30). Some of the marshes are solid hard while others are soft and spongy. While one can step on some parts of the marshes comfortably and walkover, at some parts, stepping on the marshes will open the ground and make the person go under. At some parts still, stepping on the marshes will cause a rebounce and spring back motion that resist the movement. While some marshes have roots that penetrate the ground and forms a hard surface, some lacks the rooting system. This creates two different scenarios, where one can walk comfortably on the marshes one hand and where one will sink into muddy ground so deep on the other hand. The combination of these features provides for the desired conducive environment of the animals living in marshes. Since some cannot live submerged on the salty waters of the marshes, they find refuge on the hard ground comprised of the marshes with the rooting system. The rest lives in the muddy ground, which is conducive for their survival. The greatest influence on the environmental surrounding of the marshes has been artificial rather than natural. Because of human activities, the nature of the marshes environment has always fluctuated. The human activities such as building has damaged the wetlands surrounding of the marshes and caused pollution. Though these activities are considered valuable to man, they cause him more harm than good. In their natural setting, the marshes are more beneficial to man than the subsequent converted forms. The marshes benefit both the fishermen at the sea and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Life and Death of the Salt Marsh Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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