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Being a change agent - Thesis Example

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This paper looks into the topic of “being a change agent.” In tackling this topic, secondary sources of information will be used in defining a change agent, and roles played by change agents in all stages of change implementation process will be discussed. The paper will…
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Being a change agent
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Extract of sample "Being a change agent"

Download file to see previous pages The world is changing drastically in all aspects of life. The ability of organizations to be flexible and foresee future changes is of more essence today than it was several years ago. Therefore, organizations without flexibility and the ability to see future changes are likely to experience serious change management crisis, which may make it difficult for the affected organizations to survive in the market. Making it through the change process in an organization, department or any other vital organ within an organization is a remarkable achievement. In order to make it through the process, proper strategic planning is vital before implementing any changes. Change projects share similar characteristics just like any other project within an organization, but change projects produce bigger impacts on persons participating in the change process (Gilley, 2001).
Change refers to everything entailing reengineering, and right sizing whereby organizations have all the justifications as to why they are investing heavily on the change process. One key reason for organizations to invest heavily on the change process is to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Organizations are able to remain relevant in the market for a considerable period after gaining the competitive advantage. Albert Einstein once stated that, without altering thought patterns, human beings cannot solve the problems they have created with their current patterns of thought. One can argue that this statement serves as the driving force for the majority of change agents (Coskun & Krdzalic, 2009).
Changes in various aspects of life are essential since they bring about continuity of organizational growth. However, there are some people who resist changes and understanding such characters is essential in attempts to understand change agents within an organization. One main reason, which is usually cited as the main ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Being a Change Agent Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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