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Duties and responsibilities of a US sailor - Essay Example

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The US navy sailors are among the most devoted, disciplined, and well-trained men ever known in world history. They drink gasoline,…
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Duties and responsibilities of a US sailor
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Download file to see previous pages No other branch of the forces can beat the fury of these sailors’ binge drinking. However, their hard work and commitment to achieve their goals is well established.
Responsibilities are given to a US sailor as early as in a boot camp. He is expected to learn to stand guard watch, and be responsible of any event that occurs within his area. There are Eleven General Orders that are Sentry-shaped to give an understanding of what being a U.S sailor means, responsible for equipment worth millions of dollars and many lives. The General Orders are the guiding principles of the responsibilities of a sailor, whether he is in boot camp, on the very first sail or finishing a 30-year career (Cutler, 2005).
A U.S navy sailor must be always ready to come forward and take leadership roles, as an efficient concept of accomplishing his or her most basic responsibility of defending the State. When a certain task is given to a sailor, it is upon him to see that the task is accomplished precisely, rather than assuming that some other sailor will do it. In addition, a sailor should not drift through his time while in the navy. Each one of them must pay attention to all details no matter how small the matter may be. According to their guiding principles, attention to any detail may signify the difference between failure or success of a given task, and between life and death.
A sailor is not expected to play favorites or put into effect the rules without considering honesty and neutrality. Permitting some sailors to ignore other rules will bring challenges in the field. Integrity in the Navy also requires that a sailor hold on to his or her responsibility no matter what comes on his or her way. This is the reason why their regulations provide that no sailor should quit in simple tasks. With this in mind, a sailor can never give up, even when he sees a likelihood of death, while carrying on his duties.
In the Navy, a team is much greater than any individual sailor is. Given ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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