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Research a contemporary church community - Essay Example

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Hutterites are a collective section of Anabaptists who, in a similar way as the Mennonites and Amish, trace their origins to the Radical Reformation which occurred in the 16th century. Since 1536, the demise of Jakob Hutter, their namesake, the beliefs of this religious group,…
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Research a contemporary church community
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will look at the Hutterites while assessing their organization, leadership structure, venue and time of church meetings, their religious rituals, their theological teachings, and their ethical values. It will also look at the most attractive features of the community’s life and the aspects that would be most challenging.
In all Hutterite churches, the church is organized in a group referred to as the Zullbrieder. It is made up of the spiritual leader and an advisory board comprised of a farm manager, two or three witness brothers, and the colony manager. The spiritual leader or minister also holds the title of the chief executive. The spiritual leader together with an advisory board makes the everyday decisions of the church. The spiritual leader’s responsibilities entail disciplining members of the church, undertaking church sermons, funerals, baptisms, and marriages. The church’s advisory board is made up of the farm manager, two or three witness brothers, and the colony manager who are selected for their entire life. The advisory board carries out the responsibilities of the directors or the board of trustees of the church organization. The duties of the church leaders are guided by the congregation (Hostetler 23). The witness brothers are also employed in the colony to handle a section of the colony’s abundant duties.
The spiritual leader’s companion at times is holds the position of a tailor. Therefore, she takes part in customary duties, for example choosing and buying fabrics, cooking, and medical decisions. All the church leadership positions are regarded as elective positions and a number of decisions are presented to a vote prior to their implementation. The decision-making and voting procedure is mostly based on a two-tier arrangement. It comprises a council, which is made up of seven ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research a Contemporary Church Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
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