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When it comes to job advertisements, most employers would prefer to tailor make them in order to fit with the person that they require. In most cases, they prepare a list of what gets needed of the job applicants in terms of their duties and responsibilities, their qualifications, their experience and what becomes expected of them. …
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Healthcare Facility Advertisement on Quality and Inadequate
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Healthcare Facility Advertisement on Quality and Inadequate When it comes to job advertisements, most employers would prefer to tailor make them in order to fit with the person that they require. In most cases, they prepare a list of what gets needed of the job applicants in terms of their duties and responsibilities, their qualifications, their experience and what becomes expected of them. It means that these organizations invest a lot of resources in coming up with such an advertisement. Though organizations come up with these advertisements, some tend to be good while others can be termed as being bad. The comparison between the good and bad job postings can be made using the following checklist.
Benefits that the certified medical assistant stands to gain
Amount of information provided, whether exhaustive or limited
Job advertisements enable the certified medical assistants who wish to apply for jobs to know exactly what gets expected of them. For example, their duties get to be well explained as well as their responsibilities. They act as a measure of determining if one meets the requirements or not. Another positive thing is that they provide enough relevant information; they are rich in data (Simmers 78).
An appealing advertisement will also clearly indicate how the applicant will benefit in case they manage to get the job. The benefits can be in terms of leadership positions, involvement in a new project or even financial or training benefits. These are some of positive aspects that can be associated with job posting advertisements that are of quality and professionally prepared as well as appealing (Simmers 206).
Advertisement sometimes carries with them some sense of false hope. The organization would want to paint the job that they post as ideal in order to attract the right applicants. This is normally unethical since the successful applicants would find themselves disappointed once they get the job. More so when it comes to certified medical assistant job that require a certain level of professionalism. Some of the false impressions that these organizations manage to post in their advertisement get concerned with the job description and the overall working environment of the organization (Simmers 59). Though the aim is to try to lure the qualified applicants, it could lead to discontent of successful applicants.
Another negative aspect of a bad job posting is that it may not posses all the required information necessary to assist the applicant to make the right decisions regarding the job. Little or no information may be given concerning the organizations’ culture, and its overall working environment. Sometime little or unclear information is provided concerning the duties and responsibilities of the applicants (Simmers 83).
Therefore, it is extremely significant for the certified medical assistants to be able to analyse the job posting that gets advertised in order to know whether they meet the cut and whether they may apply for it or not. Some of the requirements include: someone who is self motivated, and exhibits a high level of computer competency. They should also have some excellent follow up skills and good customer service skills. Administrative responsibilities include; filling out insurance forms, updating and filing patient’s medical records, arranging laboratory services, explaining treatment procedures to patients, authorizing drug refills as directed, just to mention a few (Simmers 91).
A good job advertisement can also contain the following job details: position title such as certified medical assistant, location such as Raleigh, Department name, shift, whether day or night, whether the job is fulltime or part time. Other details include job code and the job description. When comparing a bad advertisement, some of items mentioned above may be lacking making it a bad advertisement for the job posting.
The above aspects need to be included in the job posting to be advertised for the position of certified medical officer if the advertisement is to be judged to be anywhere near professional or at least of acceptable quality. For an applicant to be able to analyse them properly, then they would pretty have a decent chance of making it through and understanding what the organization requires.
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