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Organization of a Healthcare Facility Name: University: Delver Health Care Delver Health Care is a health care facility located in Delver City, New York in the United States of America. It is one of the health care facilities that has emerged as a result of merger and acquisitions of the Doctors Board of America…
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Organization of a Healthcare Facility
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the health facility aims at providing affordable health care to its client. Delver Health Care will be a clinic working under the supervision of qualified physicians who have academically specialised in seven health related issues; dermatology, gynaecology, heart diseases, respiratory disease, surgery and gastroenterology. Mission Delver Health Care exists to ensure that patients suffering from various health conditions are treated by qualified medical practitioners. As such, patients in and around New York are guaranteed of quality medical attention at an affordable rate from the facility. Equally, as a health facility, we are aware that health is the first priority in the life of individuals, thus specialisation is key to our services. Vision “Delver Health Care will distinguish itself as a leader in specialized health care delivery and will be and together with other willing partners, there will be provision of quality services to patients in the community.” The Impact of Merger and Acquisition According to Sherman 2011, mergers and acquisition is a program that offers the acquirers benefits of great potential and value especially when the objective has been selected carefully,. Never the less, the program is also capable of bringing about risks that are inevitable. To begin with, the program should focus on the integrated efforts that are supposed to influence the expected benefits. As such, the business should focus on working to accomplish its objective. Delver Health Care as For-Profit Business Apparently, for profit organization, it entails professionals who volunteer as consultants, facilitators to various institutions in exchange for payment of services. In light of this, the Doctors Board of America should come up with Delver Health Care as a for -Profit business as a result of a problem they believe they could address. As such, they should come together and decided to offer their services in order to benefit their people or community. Of importance to note is that there must be a good service, a market for the service, which in this case is patients who are in dire need of the services (Heller, 2009). Consequently, the possibility of having Delver Health Care as for profit business denotes that the Doctors Board of America is at liberty to decide what they want to do with the net earning or profit that will be generated by the health care facility. According to a feasibility study conducted through the mandate of the Doctors Board of America, it was found out that over 43 % of the population in New York were individuals who suffered from chronic illnesses particularly heart diseases, but did not find facilities that offered specialised treatment around the city (Stevens, 1998). In relation to this, the Doctors Board of America through a consultant concluded that health care business would only operate as for profit business. Moreover, the feasibility study explains the three main issues revolving the inception of the health care business; market issues, technical and organizational requirements, and the financial overview. Wolper, 2004 argues that in terms of market issues, it was evident that most people in the region required specialised treatment meaning that, the opening of the health centre would automatically ease ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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