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Implement part - Essay Example

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The undersigned is directed to state that the Delta Airline has arranged a non-credited training course on the “Employee Involvement in an Organization” for its employees (list attached as Appendix – I). Moreover, the agenda of the training course is attached as Appendix…
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Implement part
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Extract of sample "Implement part"

Download file to see previous pages It is pertinent to mention here that the scheduled date of the training course is 6th December 2012, from 0900 hours to 1700 hours at Delta Airline’s Auditorium. Moreover, during the training hours, the employees would not perform their daily office routine work. Therefore, they need to manage their office work scheduled on the training day before or after the training, as per the requirement of the work. You are requested to visit the News section of the internal portal of the Delta Airline to subscribe to get course material well before the training time. The training course is compulsory to attend by all the selected employees, therefore, make it convenient to attend the training course.
There are three parts of the format; in the first part the trainer would be provided the learner profile (given above at Appendix – I) and summary analysis. In the second part, the designer of the course would provide the relevant course contents (given at Appendix – II) to the trainer. Furthermore, at this time, the role of the trainer would be a student. In the third part, the designer would provide the instructional materials to the trainer by “walk-through-talk-through” method. In this way, the trainer having above mentioned qualifications would be trained to provide training to the employees of the Delta Airline.
The time duration of the train-the-trainer would be two (2) hours. Initially, there would be an introduction for fifteen (15) minutes that would be followed by the goals and objectives (given in the Office Memorandum) of the training for twenty (20) minutes. The course material (prepared in the development phase) would be provided to the trainer within thirty (30) minutes that would be followed by an informal walk-through for forty five (45) minutes. And in the end, there would be a question-answer session for fifteen (15) minutes.
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Implement Part Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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