SDLC Application on IT infrastructure of UMUC Student Healthcare - Case Study Example

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Quality Clinical Information is becoming a powerful tool for decision-making and management. However, because of the growing quantity of information, nurses need an…
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SDLC Application on IT infrastructure of UMUC Student Healthcare
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Download file to see previous pages ervice Clinic by providing a detailed information of the Development Life Cycle including the use of Servers, backups Emailing, Internet Accessibility and Software’s used in Clinical Computer System.
An information system can be defined as the use of computer hardware and software to process data into information to solve a problem. The term Clinical Information System (CIS) refers to a group of systems used within a Clinic that support and enhance health care. The CIS comprises two major types of information systems: Clinical Information Systems and Administrative Information Systems. Clinical information systems are large, computerized database management systems that support several types of activities: medical, nursing, laboratory, diagnostic, pharmacy, radiology. Administrative information systems support the process of client care by managing non-clinical, client-related information, including demographics, codes for procedures and insurance.
Clinical and administrative information systems may be designed to meet the needs of one or more departments or functions within the organization. They can be implemented as stand-alone systems, or they may work with other systems to provide information sharing and seamless functionality for the users.
A SDLC is the traditional method used by organizations for large IT projects. The SDLC entails of sequential processes by which information systems are developed: analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, and maintenance. A Clinical Information System is a complex system, and Clinic Attendants have a key role to play in practically all phases of its development.
The beginning of the (life) cycle is a clear vision of the business process. What do we want to do with the new system? How are we going to do it? What do we need for the system to operate efficiently? So, we must determine the purpose and goals of the project, assure the necessary financial resources, carry out cost-benefit and feasibility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SDLC Application on IT Infrastructure of UMUC Student Healthcare Case Study.
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