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Government & Business - the service user as the stake holder - Essay Example

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The service users are a very fundamental stakeholder of government and businesses. The service users are the individual citizens who benefit from the services that are usually provided by the government and other businesses…
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Government & Business - the service user as the stake holder
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Extract of sample "Government & Business - the service user as the stake holder"

Download file to see previous pages mited to the following: roads, provision of electricity and water, health services, education through the provision of school and other social amenities. The concepts of the consumer, client, user, citizen and the general public have been used to refer to the service users. The literature examines the users of public services, how these users are positioned or perceived. Besides, it looks at how the service users are involved in the delivery of services (Barnes et al., 2008, p.401). As such it looks at them as significant stakeholder in the government and the business sector. The paper reviews the literature and presents its strength with regards to the manner in which it covers the literature. Other areas that require significant analysis and consideration are also pointed towards the end of the discussion. It has been noted that the literature misses certain significant point. The conclusion is then presented clearly on the basis of the literature analysis. It objectively brings out the researchers views with regards to the service users as stakeholders in the government and business sector agencies (Leadbetter, 2004, p.81).
Service users as has been described can be clients, consumers, customers, citizens and the general public who constantly interact with the government and business and make effective use of the services that these two provide. In essence, it is the service users that justify the existence of a business or a government. It is very prudent to state the fact that businesses exist because of the service users and service users do not exist because of the business (Barnes et al., 2008, p.387). In the same vein, the government exists to provide services to its citizens who are essentially the service users. It is on the basis of this recognition that businesses strive to delight their customers, treat them passionately and acknowledge them as a very critical success factor.
As such, the service users are the people who use the services such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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