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Food Piece - Coursework Example

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Bobby, my younger brother who attends an elementary school some distance away from home was to resume school from mid-year holiday in a weeks’ time. For this reason, my dad decided to do the usual, organize for a send-off party. This came as a surprise for bobby for he had no…
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Food Piece
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Extract of sample "Food Piece"

Download file to see previous pages Everything to do with drinks was well looked into so that everyone could get into the party mood. The first phase came with a thud as it was taken as a lubricant just before the main dish. What I may describe as delicacy was right in front of me. Fresh fruit drinks prepared from a mixed blend forming a thick cocktail juice. This was the first I ever made with at most concentration. The whole-heartedness evident in my work of making the juice was so vivid that I felt like having a live clip production for an advertisement on making "home-made juices".
The space taken by the juice in the gastro-intestinal tract could not be spared despite main dishes to follow. Considering that what was planned was overridden by the gasp for more, everyone was spoilt of options. A variety of soft drinks other than natural juice was available. Fizzy drinks were in plenty as the table went in rounds of drinks on a tasting mode. No one wanted to have a defined torch on any of the dishes for so far each that came next spackled with a welcoming aroma.
Life was promising at this point; it felt heavenly as every glass of juice went down our throats bringing a cooling effect. Ideally, the juice served half of its purpose since others turned it into the main take in food of the meal. Other than balancing the diet it took space meant for a different dish. All that came into my mind was how this could be turned into a habitual event. I instilled a great deal of confidence regarding my capabilities when given a platform to demonstrate in the kitchen.
Fruits for sure trace back to the Christian belief of being forbidden for the sweetness and discovery of wisdom. This is what rung into my mind before availing anything to the table for preparation of the real ingestion work that was to follow. The secret behind appetizing the family members lay squarely on the use of fruits. What lacked was a pictorial form of demonstrating the sweetness felt in the taste buds in everyones tongue.
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