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Dave and Busters Tour - Coursework Example

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This restaurant was established in 1982. First Dave & Busters was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982 by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley. The chain has grew over the years as…
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Dave and Busters Tour
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Dave and Busters Information of teacher number Dave and Buster’s Dave and Buster’s is a famous food chain that offers in addition to food a gaming zone. This restaurant was established in 1982. First Dave & Busters was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1982 by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley. The chain has grew over the years as presently there are 73 branches across America and a single branch in Canada. The tag line by which the restaurant has prospered by is eat, drink and play. The menu at Dave and Buster’s is updated regularly and we provide a variety of food items. Food serving starts at lunch till late night with a full bar service. The gaming zone is a major attraction at all the branches. Games on offer include pool and bowling. Whereas in the arcade gaming zone Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda, Transformers, Batman, Fishbowl Frenzy and various others are available to play. In addition to all this the restaurant also provides sponsorships for major events such as WWE and UFC. Keeping in mind these offerings it is important to understand that the franchise needs some refurbishments. Hence if I were running the place I would make the following changes.
Food is an attraction for people and delicious food is a reason for them to come again. If I were to set the menu of the restaurant I would do it with keeping in mind what type of crowd the place generates. Prices of the food items need to be monitored as the prices to certain dishes are high. My target audiences are the kids because they require a place to hangout, where they could eat and get entertained. I would include various deals for youngsters by which they could enjoy a worthy meal and could also try their hands on a few games. I would also provide them with bottomless sodas. I would also set the menu for other age groups. If certain people just come to drink or play games I would offer them with food tastings that would tempt them to get the whole meal. Another major addition to the food section is the commencement of breakfast. Breakfasts are the first meals of the day, hence if we provide healthy and delicious breakfast to our customers they would come back later for the other attractions.
I would reassess the gaming and arcade zone again as it attracts people from all age groups. I would sponsor championships for billiards and bowling. The sponsored championships would have good prize money and a chance to become a lifelong member at Dave and Buster’s restaurants. Whereas for the video gaming section a similar scheme can be applied, where I would organize regular events for the gamers. Playing video games on the internet servers would most definitely increase the popularity of the place.
Dave and Buster’s is a cocktail as it offers food, games, drinks and a place to party. I would highlight the party venue. I will offer party packages on events such as birthdays, graduation parties and various others. I would allow the person throwing the event to make it their own event by letting them set the menu, drinks and games.
Dave and Buster’s is a legacy that started in Texas and spread throughout the country. A lot of adults remember their childhoods being spent in the gaming zone. Hence it is important to renovate the place keeping in mind the slogan of eat, drink and play. If I run Dave and Buster’s I would definitely make the changes I mentioned above because I would like the legacy to live on. Providing food that is worthy of remembering would be my aim if I ran the place. If these changes are made I am sure more branches are just around the corner and we will be able to keep the legacy going. Read More
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