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Fatal Vision - Movie Review Example

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Captain Jeff MacDonald, who is a very ambitious and renowned surgeon, having worked at Fort Bragg army base and seems to be a happy husband and a father of two beautiful daughters, gets entangled in the murder of his family. Responding to an emergency call, the military police…
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Fatal Vision
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Extract of sample "Fatal Vision"

Introduction Captain Jeff MacDonald, who is a very ambitious and renowned surgeon, having worked at FortBragg army base and seems to be a happy husband and a father of two beautiful daughters, gets entangled in the murder of his family. Responding to an emergency call, the military police enter MacDonald’s house and find his daughters and wife murdered while he is injured. In his report he states that a gang of hippies who were drugged had broke into his house and attacked him and his family (IMDb, par. 2). With a massive search carried out, no suspects are found leading to the investigators focusing on MacDonald as the prime suspect. This was a result of the inconsistencies found in the MacDonald evidence report.
1. What the investigators did right.
a. The investigators played a crucial in patching up the scene of crime and collecting the much needed evidence. As they go through the dead bodies they find blue pajama thread located in the master bedroom which entirely discredits the story given by MacDonald. In the pajama top there are also neat pictures, while the pathologist also finds out that in Collete’s hand there is a blond hair as well as a piece of skin on her fingernail. The investigators also found out other inconsistencies such as no splinters of the club and no threads in the living room where MacDonald claimed to have fought off the intruders as all these are found in the bedroom (IMDb, par. 6). The transcript that was prepared by the investigators is able to point out most of the inconsistent statements made by Jeff.
b. This is an indication of a well done investigation and it points out some of the crucial evidence needed for the case.
2. What the investigators did wrong.
a. The investigators made a mistake during the process of taking MacDonald to the hospital, they knock down a potted plant which they then stand it back up. This makes them to struggle in securing the original scene of crime as well as interviewing witnesses. The investigators arrive to find that some piece of rubber glove within the crime scene has been mislaid. The investigators also make a mistake when they create an incident by taking Jeff into custody so that they can get the hair samples as in the process an investigator manhandles Dennis.
b. The investigators were also not able to follow through the types of knives that had been used in the scene of crime until Freddy came into the investigations. Knowing whether Jeff owned the knives was crucial for the investigation and they failed to trace all this.
3. What role the father-in-law played
The father-in-law who was a retiree spent around 9 years without giving up trying to get evidence and prove that his son-in-law, who was previously worked in the army as a Beret Army Doctor, killed his two children and murdered his pregnant wife. By doubting the facts and evidence given by his son-in-law the father-in-law seeks to find the truth by helping the investigators in providing some of the information. He wants to see to it that MacDonald is charged with triple murder counts for murdering his wife and two children. However, Freddy plays a big role in the investigation by giving a character analysis of Jeff saying that if he had another daughter he would willingly allow him to marry her. This puts into doubt the investigation as he thinks the investigators are stupid to suspect Jeff. Through his persistence he is able to find the transcript and finds out 123 statements which seems false and are hard to believe (IMDb, par. 3). This leads him to start believing that Jeff actually committed the crime. His quest to find the real killers and ability to note the inconsistencies of the statements, transcripts, and interview leads to opening up the investigation again and the apprehension of Jeff again.
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IMDb. Fatal Vision (1984). Retrieved Nov, 21, 2012. Read More
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Fatal Vision Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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