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Envision the sustainability city [Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Part 1 Roland Heights is the place where I grew up, which is amidst the lush green trees and full branches hanging down to the ground. The air is filled with fresh aroma of wet soil…
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Envision the sustainability city
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Download file to see previous pages The trees grown at an equal distance of San Gabriel Valley portrayed a view of an entrance gate with street lamps replaced with trees. A big tractor-like vehicle would come and water the flower-pots in front of each house. The water would wake them up from their slumber. In Rowland Heights the buildings were not very huge which would easily let the sunshine fall into the streets. I used to spend my time and would roam around in California Hacienda Heights, downtown, shopping malls, which had sparkling ponds in which rare fishes of different kinds would swim. The water was crystal clear and one could easily see the movements of fishes beneath the water surface. Their swift movements and struggle to live life out of their habitat enabled me to think of sustaining the life I had. I the mall, I used to meet immigrants from China, Taiwan and Korea and was able to widen my vision of diverse cultures to some extent. The shopping malls had green bushes growing in the corners and from the top of their ceilings, which made it more natural and ever alive. Next to the city area was the small region known as ‘mini safari’. One could find a wide variety of animals including tigers, elephants etc. There they happily roamed around. All the species of animals were available in their natural habitat. The people who lived there were very social and used to arrange social gatherings every week. Also, there were marathons every month, NO-Tobacco campaigns and Zumba Classes every week, which made the people healthy and they lived longer. Part 2 A few blocks away were the houses built in circular dome shape so that all sunshine would concentrate on it for the production of electricity. These circular domes were numerous and they were surrounded by green belt. The tiny trash bins were available at every step and anything thrown inside would automatically be recycled. There were some robots, which with their laser visions would search for the dirt and remove it if they found any. The silent electric cars would pass by without signalling their arrival and had black solar cells covering their whole body. Covered with silicon solar glasses all over, the people working inside would park their bicycles in a parking lot and start working. From a distance, one could see the gigantic windmills moving with the speed of wind on lofty mountains. Alongside the roads were the street lamps which were quite high with pitch-black solar cells attached to them. At night, they gave a beautiful view of a dark city sunk in a river of illumination. Under the ground were the sewage pipes totally invisible to the people, which transported the sewage from the houses to the specific depressions in a far off city so that the filth can be converted into recycled manure to be used by farmers. Cleaner air meant that the ecosystem was healthy and the animal habitat survived longer. No doubt, people used to live ages more than 100 years. Although, technological advancement has generated communication gap by offering virtual identity and life style, the city I envision would be a habitat of diverse ethnic groups living closely together. The community would adapt old fashioned social norms to communicate and live. Close knitted family system would enable people to cherish the joy of living together and would enliven the sentiment of compassion towards others’ sorrow and pain. My vision is not impossible to achieve but requires a little ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Envision the Sustainability City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/environmental-studies/1467635-envision-the-sustainability-city.
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