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Psychology - personality and values - Essay Example

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Values however define acceptable perception at personal or societal levels. This paper explores the trend in my personality and value, and responds to…
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Psychology - personality and values
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Download file to see previous pages I have however changed to a self-confident individual who is outgoing and influential. My values have also transformed from instrumental orientation to terminal orientation. Even though we share some characteristics with my siblings and my parents, most of my values are different from theirs, as my academic and work environments have largely influenced me (Graduate, p. 29-38).
Values affect cohesiveness of a workplace by defining what is perceived to be right and what is perceived to be wrong by members of the organization. Common values therefore eliminated conflicts by identifying what every member of the organization consider to be bad and discouraging it while different values generates conflicts because a party will undertake an initiative that is wrong to another party (Graduate, p. 29-38).
Jodi’s point that his values have not changed much is valid because people respond to their environmental factors differently. Factors such as the loss of a close relative may have also played a role in his conservative nature to retain his earlier developed personality and values. His matured values with time, together with differences between his values and his family’s, however identify response to his different environments. People cannot however have same values, as he argues, because of cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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