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What do Northcentral's Mission , Vision, and Values mean to me personally as a Learner - Personal Statement Example

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As a student and learner at the Northcentral University, the University's mission statement, vision and values inspire me to give my best to learn from the unique faculty and gain the maximum advantage of the university's unique system. …
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What do Northcentrals Mission Statement, Vision, and Values Statement mean to me personally as a Learner
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Download file to see previous pages This can lead to several challenges in ensuring that students not only understand their lessons but are also integrated into the university's culture. I think Northcentral University is doing a very good job of ensuring this and as such is one of the best online universities out there. Northcentral university's mission statement and vision clearly spell out how their approach to online learning is unique and distinctive. The university's and its faculty's passion and commitment to educating individual students are clearly spelt out in the university's value statement. This distinctive approach to learning and the commitment of the faculty is passed onto the students and inspires them to conduct themselves with integrity and give their best performance through innovation and teamwork. In my opinion, Northcentral University's mission statement, vision and values statement help define how I as a learner shall conduct myself and learn from the dedicated faculty members. Northcentral University's mission is to provide "quality educational opportunities" to people around the world. The commitment to providing education to not just a community but to interested individuals all over the world makes the university unique. Traditional universities, by the virtue of their location, can only provide education to the individuals living in the community. Because these traditional universities have a commitment to their communities, when they do enroll outsiders, they often charge them higher tuition rates. The campus-based model also means that students need to be at the campus at particular times, which can make it difficult for many students to pursue an education while also being gainfully employed. Northcentral University's online model takes care of these typical problems of a traditional university. It removes boundaries from education and makes it easily available at the same affordable rate to people around the world, thus removing the location based discrimination seen in local universities. The online model also allows busy professionals to get education without giving up their day jobs. Thus, the university's mission ensures that education can become truly universal by making it available to anyone who seeks it. A big problem often faced by online students is that the quality of education is often much lower than what is available through the traditional classroom model. One reason for this is that professors often think of their online classes as an additional job and are not dedicated to it in the same way as they are to their traditional classes. Since teachers can see their students in person in a traditional classroom, they feel more of a connection to them. In an online environment, this connection between the teachers and students is often missing. The "distinctive faculty mentored approach" of Northcentral University ensures that the university's students do not feel neglected by their teachers. Being a fully online university, teachers do not see their online students as an additional job. The faculty's passion and investment into the student's education ensures that Northcentral University does not suffer from the problems faced by other online programs. Northcentral University values the needs of individual students promotes a passion for education in its faculty and administration. The focus on the needs of each individual student is important because in large class sizes, individual students often get lost. On the one hand, the brighter students stand out and often become teacher's favorite while on the other hand students at the bottom of the class are ignored. As a result, the good students excel and get much more attention from the teachers while the average students are left to fend for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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