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Evaluate the effectiveness of the YCJA on youth crime rates and incarceration rates - Essay Example

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The law that gave rise to the Young Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) known, as Young Offenders Act (YOA) was divisive and controversial with politicians and citizens strong favoring the law or against the law. As a result, the law underwent a number of amendments and culminated into…
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Evaluate the effectiveness of the YCJA on youth crime rates and incarceration rates
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Extract of sample "Evaluate the effectiveness of the YCJA on youth crime rates and incarceration rates"

Download file to see previous pages gued that the law was effective, whereby they cited the reduced rates of youth deviancy and custody in comparison to other nations of the world (Doob & Cesaroni, 2003). Nonetheless, the country identified the importance of reviewing the law and ensuring that they implemented another law that was not divisive and controversial. In addition, the review sought to address the argument that YOA overused the country’s custodial and court systems. Moreover, the review aimed at improving efficiency in responding to minor offenders who committed serious crimes (Department of Justice Canada, 2002).
Based on the foregoing, it is evident that YCJA was a compromise between politicians. Nonetheless, the act is a response to the increasingly growing number of small cases about incidents of youth offenders committing heinous crimes while also acting as a response to the growing number of cases resulting from incarceration of youths for minor offenses. Indeed, these minor offenses had resulted to a decline in the confidence that the public had on the country’s judicial system. Overall, the main objective of the legislation was to deal with crimes committed by the youth and their eventual outcome. In effect, this expose will carry out an evaluation of the role that YCJA has played on the twin aspects of youth crime rates and incarceration rates.
The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) (2011) identified Canada’s youth custody rates as among the highest in the world, which is prior to the implementation and legislation of the YCJA. In effect, this implies that Canadas implementation of this law was essential in order to enable the country deal with these youthful offenders and reduce these rates. In effect, CCRC (2011) observed a 27% decline in the rate of youths charged in a court of law or recommended to facing court charges between 2002 and 2006. It is important to point out that the Canadian legislative system made this law in 2002. In line with this, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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