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Authenticity & Socio-econmic - Essay Example

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According to Jurgen, new materials or new ideas tend not to unlock some form of space, but instead they tend to expand the often confused and uncomfortable connections within the global economy (Phillips, 4). Hence, one immediately gets a feeling that Jungen work seeks to…
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Authenticity & Socio-econmic
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Download file to see previous pages He believes that acquiring such material possessions should make individuals to be interested in the manner in which the users fulfill the necessity for service, inside the extensive culture of society. For instance, the leather couch, or the professional player ought to act as some means of bridging the divide between the indigenous and wider cultures. This is similar argument to Jhally views on consumerism, especially in his belief that advertising stresses a world in which desires in form of new materials, are reflected through the emphasizing of social relationships, rather than material possessions (Jhally, 3).
This is because Jungen appropriation and remodeling of universal but industrially manufactured consumer goods, reveals how such goods tend to portray an influential identity of desirable global commodity. The most consistent stories told by the whole range of advertising, is consumerism. Whereby more economic growth implies added consumption, as well as more production. The entire range of advertisements insists on individual power, console, desires, appeals and pleasures. The values stressed by the ads include taking desires and then preconceiving them to tie with the universe of commodities (Phillips, 5).
Jhally, Congdon and Blandy’s are right in implying that advertising drives individuals away from important human relationships with others within the society, as it reduces their capability to develop happiness. Jhally asserts that advertising takes away normality from the consumers. However, all of these critics of consumerism and advertising, places more emphasis on the issue between needs and wants. Undeniably, Jhally, just like Jungen tends to extend their criticism of advertising on commercialism, to be a disapproval of egalitarianism and marketing. Thus, such assertions that advertising colonizes or dominates contemporary culture are not entirely spot on, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Authenticity & Socio-Econmic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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