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Theorist - Research Paper Example

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Additionally, the paper will also describe the schools of thought attended by these theorists and give an outlook into their enlightenment. The…
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Theorist Paper
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Extract of sample "Theorist"

Download file to see previous pages According to Warren, humans acquire knowledge or rather learn using different communication patterns (Rhode, 2006). Studies show that, hypotheses help people understand certain life phenomena since hypothesis applies special degree of critical thinking and evaluation, which are suitable for elaborating and explaining different life issues.
Leadership concept is confusing and ambiguous as some of the other explanations provided by certain scholars. Warren Bennis realized he could do better at expounding much on the topic by developing theories describing ways in which one can learn to be a leader, provide the meaning of the connotation leader and/or leadership, and show ways of shaping the facet of leadership in organization (Anbuvelan, 2006). In his Leadership theory, Warren points out that, ‘the concept of leadership is powerful as it eludes or turns people away from one form in order to taunt them on the with its complexity and slipperiness’ (Fitzgerald, 2002). As such, people with different level of thinking have come along with a wide range of words, which include domination, manipulation, rank, influence, control, prestige, authority, and power among others just to define the concept of leadership, yet there still no sufficient wording that can define it (Bennis & Biederman, 2009). Referring to his description of theoretical excerpts, it is seeable that Warren believes in rehearsal and dialectical emphasis of leadership, which has no bureaucracy or biasness (Hernon, 2010). Due to the existing welter of confusion, the coherent leadership theory seeks to address the complexity and value-laden potency, which tends to resist a final answer (Goethals, Sorenson, & Burns, 2004).
Ideologically, Warren beliefs that learning or acquiring knowledge is simply adapting or changing what people thought to be accurate or true. In order for people to understanding the meaning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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