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Students conducting PG Independent Scholarship (PG IS), UG Applied Research Project (UG ARP), UG Maths Projects (UG MP) or Learning-through-Work (LTW) projects must complete this form and submit to their project supervisors for approval. After initial approval, project…
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Dissertation plan, outline,
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Extract of sample "Dissertation plan, outline,"

Request for Ethical Approval for Individual Study Programme of Research by conducting PG Independent Scholarship (PG IS), UG Applied Research Project (UG ARP), UG Maths Projects (UG MP) or Learning-through-Work (LTW) projects must complete this form and submit to their project supervisors for approval. After initial approval, project supervisors need to submit these forms to PG IS, UG ARP, UG MP or LTW coordinator who would then submit these to the Chair of the Computing Ethics Committee (CREC) for further consideration.
Students conducting PG Research projects (eg MPhil, PhD etc) must also complete this form and submit to their research supervisors for approval who would then submit these to the Chair of the CREC for further consideration.
Feedback on your application will be via the Project/Research Supervisor.
1. Your Name:
2a. Programme name and code:
2b. Your student ID:
3. Contact Info
Tel No.
4. Module name and code
5. Name of project/research supervisor
6. Title or topic area of proposed study
Identity Theft
7. What is the aim and objectives of your study?
Aim of the study
Educate individuals about techniques in the field of computing and networking settings to avoid identity theft.
Objectives of the study
1. Reduce the number of identity theft cases in the community
2. Make the populace literate on ways they can protect their identity in the field of computing and networking
3. Improve the security and freedom of people when working in the field of computing and networking to improve economic standards of the populace.
8. Brief review of relevant literature and rationale for study (attach on a separate sheet references of approximately 6 key publications, it is not necessary to attach copies of the publications)
The relevant literature will cover:
1. The history of Internet fraud.
2. Statistics of the frauds over the years.
3. Effectiveness of the past techniques employed to curb them.

Blair, C 2011, Solutions for Victims of Identity Theft: A Guide for Judge
Advocates to Assist Servicemembers in Deterring, Detecting, and Defending Against This Growing Epidemic, Army Lawyer, 457, p. 24, MasterFILE Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 November 2012.
Sullivan, C 2009, Is identity theft really theft?, International Review Of Law, Computers & Technology, 23, 1/2, pp. 77-87, Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 November 2012.
Romanosky, S, Telang, R, & Acquisti, A 2011, Do data breach disclosure laws reduce identity theft?, Journal Of Policy Analysis & Management, 30, 2, pp. 256-286, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 15 November 2012.
Pope, E. (2006). Identity theft: protecting yourself from an unprotected world. Chicago, Moody Publisher.
Vacca, J. R. (2003). Identity theft. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Prentice Hall PTR.
Biegelman, M. T. (2009). Identity theft handbook: detection, prevention, and security. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley.
The rationale of the study:
The study will cover the history of identity theft in cyber, and forms of these frauds. Some focus will be towards the public awareness about these forms of fraud and how to contain this. There will also be close examination on the effectiveness of the different techniques that have been employed in curbing these challenges. The climax of it all will be on how to educate public on use computing and network settings to avoid such frauds. Therefore most attention will be on educating the public the settings.
9. Outline of study design and methods
First, I will do a background research to find out information of identity theft in the field of computing and networking. In this project, I will list down various techniques that can be used to avoid identity theft in this particular field. Secondly, Numerous testing will be carried out, mostly on electrical machines and internet such as computers, phones, iPads to find out major areas where identity theft is conducted. Lastly, I will then formulate techniques of preventing such occurrence and possibilities such as creating passwords and log in options in the machines.
10. Research Ethics
PROPOSALS INVOLVING HUMAN PARTICIPANTS (eg collecting data using questionnaires, interviews etc) MUST ADDRESS QUESTIONS 10 - 14.
Does the proposed study entail ethical considerations Yes / No (please circle as appropriate)
If ‘No’ provide a statement below to support this position and skip Questions 11-14.
The proposed study does not entail ethical considerations since the research majors on finding out methods in computing and networking settings that assist an individual to avoid identity theft rather than promoting ethical manners in the field and society.

If ‘Yes’ move on to Question 11.
11. Ethical Considerations: Please indicate how you intend to address each of the following in your study. Points a - i relate particularly to projects involving human participants.
Guidance to completing this section of the form is provided at the end of the document.
a. Consent
b. Deception
c. Debriefing
d. Withdrawal from the investigation
e. Confidentiality
f. Protection of participants
g. Observation research [complete if applicable]
h. Giving advice
i. Research undertaken in public places [complete if applicable]
j. Data protection
k. Animal Rights [complete if applicable]
l. Environmental protection [complete if applicable]
12. Sample: Please provide a detailed description of the study sample, covering selection, number, age, and if appropriate, inclusion and exclusion criteria.
13. Are payments or rewards/incentives going to be made to the participants? If so, please give details below.

14. What study materials will you use? (Please give full details here of validated scales, bespoke questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group schedules etc and attach all materials to the application)
15. What resources will you require? (e.g. psychometric scales, equipment, such as video camera, specialised software, access to specialist facilities, such as specialist laboratories).
1. Video cameras
2. Computers
3. Computer laboratory
4. Computing and networking specialist.
5. Ethernet cables
16. Have/Do you intend to request ethical approval from any other body/organisation? Yes / No (please circle as appropriate)
If ‘Yes’ – please give details below.
17. Declaration: The information supplied is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, accurate. I clearly understand my obligations and the rights of the participants. I agree to act at all times in accordance with University of Derby Code of Practice on Research Ethics
Date of submission………………………………..
Signature of applicant……………………………………………
Signature of project supervisor ……………………………………………
Signature of PG IS, UG ARP or UG MP Coordinator (and comments, if any) ………………………
For CREC Committee Use Reference Number (Subject area initials/year/ID number)………………….
Date received……………… Date approved ……………. Signed………………………
PLEASE ALSO SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION WHERE APPROPRIATE (please tick to indicate the material that has been included or provide information as to why it is not available):
Questionnaires/Interview schedules
Covering letters/Information sheets
Briefing and debriefing material
Consent forms for participants
Advice on completing the ethical considerations aspects of a programme of research
Informed consent must be obtained for all participants before they take part in your project. The form should clearly state what they will be doing, drawing attention to anything they could conceivably object to subsequently. It should be in language that the person signing it will understand. It should also state that they can withdraw from the study at any time and the measures you are taking to ensure the confidentiality of data. If children are recruited from schools you will require the permission, depending on the school, of the head teacher, and of parents. Children over 14 years should also sign an individual consent form themselves. If conducting research on children you will normally also require Criminal Records Bureau clearance. You will need to check with the school if they require you to obtain one of these. It is usually necessary if working alone with children, however, some schools may request you have CRB clearance for any type of research you want to conduct within the school. Research to be carried out in any institution (prison, hospital, etc.) will require permission from the appropriate authority.
Covert or Deceptive Research
Research involving any form of deception can be particularly problematical, and you should provide a full explanation of why a covert or deceptive approach is necessary, why there are no acceptable alternative approaches not involving deception, and the scientific justification for deception.
How will participants be debriefed (written or oral)? If they will not be debriefed, give reasons. Please attach the written debrief or transcript for the oral debrief. This can be particularly important if covert or deceptive research methods are used.
Withdrawal from investigation
Participants should be told explicitly that they are free to leave the study at any time without jeopardy. It is important that you clarify exactly how and when this will be explained to participants. Participants also have the right to withdraw their data in retrospect, after you have received it. You will need to clarify how they will do this and at what point they will not be able to withdraw (i.e. after the data has been analysed and disseminated).
Protection of participants
Are the participants at risk of physical, psychological or emotional harm greater than encountered ordinary life? If yes, describe the nature of the risk and steps taken to minimise it.
Observational research
If observational research is to be conducted without prior consent, please describe the situations in which observations will take place and say how local cultural values and privacy of individuals and/or institutions will be taken into account.
Giving advice
Students should not put themselves in a position of authority from which to provide advice and should in all cases refer participants to suitably qualified and appropriate professionals.
Research in public places
You should pay particular attention to the implications of research undertaken in public places. The impact on the social environment will be a key issue. You must observe the laws of obscenity and public decency. You should also have due regard to religious and cultural sensitivities.
Confidentiality/Data Protection
You must comply with the Data Protection Act and the Universitys Good Scientific Practice This means:
It is very important that the Participant Information Sheet includes information on what the research is for, who will conduct the research, how the personal information will be used, who will have access to the information and how long the information will be kept for. This is known as a fair processing statement.
You must not do anything with the personal information you collect over and above that for which you have consent.
You can only make audio or visual recordings of participants with their consent (this should be stated on the Participant Information sheet)
Identifiable personal information should only be conveyed to others within the framework of the act and with the participants permission.
You must store data securely. Consent forms and data should be stored separately and securely.
You should only collect data that is relevant to the study being undertaken.
Data may be kept indefinitely providing its sole use is for research purposes and meets the following conditions:
The data is not being used to take decisions in respect of any living individual.
The data is not being used in any which is, or is likely to, cause damage and/or distress to any living individual.
You should always protect a participants anonymity unless they have given their permission to be identified (if they do so, this should be stated on the Informed Consent Form).
All data should be returned to participants or destroyed if consent is not given after the fact, or if a participant withdraws.
Animal rights.
Research which might involve the study of animals at the University is not likely to involve intrusive or invasive procedures. However, you should avoid animal suffering of any kind and should ensure that proper animal husbandry practices are followed. You should show respect for animals as fellow sentient beings.
Environmental protection
The negative impacts of your research on the natural environment and animal welfare, must be minimised and must be compliant to current legislation. Your research should appropriately weigh longer-term research benefit against short-term environmental harm needed to achieve research goals. Read More
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