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It is a cliché for me to say I have always known vividly what I want to engage my life with, but for this very case at the moment it happens to be the truth. I have always wished to be a more successful person and a role model to many. It is very true that a thousand miles…
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Personal Accomplishments
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Scholarship essay; Personal accomplishment It is a cliché for me to say I have always known vividlywhat I want to engage my life with, but for this very case at the moment it happens to be the truth. I have always wished to be a more successful person and a role model to many. It is very true that a thousand miles always starts with a single step, and, therefore, any success to be achieved, determination with installments of hope and hard work are obligatory in a gradual manner. I have proved to be a hard working person, and this is evident in my extracurricular activities. I am a sports person and with this talent, I have been able to achieve many awards both in the track and field events to extend of becoming the most valuable player in some games. The same hard work was even protracted in class work by achieving academic awards.
This is the reason as to why I am applying for a scholarship. Your organization has a good reputation in offering talents to young people with opportunities for financial assistance to further their skills and areas of strength. This always enables people to uncover any untold dreams in any field they intend to join. I at this moment share the vision of your organization that entails working towards a more equitable and just world by eliminating any impunity. I have demonstrated this talent in my volunteer service as a tourist guide by introducing the beauty of Yilan County to tourists. I did the job without fear nor favor for a period of one month of between June 14th and July 14th.
With your help, therefore, I will be able to hone my instincts that are natural and be able to inherent the skills I wish to gain. I believe I will become a better and the most persuasive person in my field of interest by acquiring the ethics needed there in. I at this moment appreciate the gratitude of the organization committee for allowing me tender my application as I look forward to their consideration. Read More
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