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Corporate Case Study: Sustainable Supply Chain - Essay Example

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Headquartered in USA they have been in this particular business for quite some time and have gained wide recognition among their…
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Corporate Case Study: Sustainable Supply Chain
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Extract of sample "Corporate Case Study: Sustainable Supply Chain"

Download file to see previous pages products that keep weight gaining under check as well as associated products that have ever since the company started functioning has proved immensely successful in various parts of the world. It is also globally known for offering weight management services to its clients and therefore have already carved a niche for themselves among their customers. The principal ways in which the firm operates is through master networks and franchises. Thus the supply chain through which it operates is at the core of their business. Given that they are globally present, thus the magnitude of their supply chain operations is huge and entails various strategies related to supply chain management. Also, in the light of the kind of business Weight Watchers is in or for that matter the kind of operations the company has to indulge in for their business transactions, it is obvious that the company would have to look for a rather futuristic supply chain model and it is rather needless to say that sustainability is at the core of their supply chain model.
At the same time, in the world over, sustainability is one of the major issues concerning the business fraternity. In this regard it may be noted that the business fraternity has come a long way and have started being more responsible towards society as well as the environment at large. Various new concepts have come into the picture and firms are increasingly taking into consideration these factors such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the like. Furthermore, firms are more and more getting inclined towards linking these burning issues such as sustainability to their various business functions in order to operate in a much more socially responsible manner. Thus right from branding to advertising to finances to accounting to supply chain management, each and every managerial as well as business function has been closely linked with these broader perspectives of business. The key focus of the present study, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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