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This paper, Zara Fashion Company, is a report on Zara Fashion Company case study with the focus of providing strategic option and recommendations. The paper begins with introduction of Zara Company in which this case study is based on…
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Zara Fashion Company
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that Zara company strategic analysis is provided in which the external environment is studied using PESTEL model. Porter’s five forces model is also adopted in studying the fashion industry that Zara is operating in. Internal strategic audit is provided in which various aspects of the organization is analyzed including financial performance, value chain analysis, design and infrastructure. The internal analysis provides an insight on Zara strength as well as is viability. External and issues that concerns the company stakeholders is studies. These factors notably affect Zara corporate image and the relationship among the stakeholders. This discussion highlights that Zara clothing company has grown over years since its establishment in 1975 becoming one of the famous companies in clothing and fashion industry. Zara has become the best known fashion brand in Spain as well as globally. This is attributed to its flagship brand of £2.5 billion holding group Inditex. Currently the company has emerged to be world fastest growing manufacturers of fashion clothing. The company has over 2000 stores globally and likely to double in the coming years. Within five years after its establishment the company had a spout of growth extending its operations over the principle cities in Spain. A key major breakthrough of its growth came after its venture into international markets under Inditex Corporation. Trendy Zara is the flagship brand for Europe's fastest-growing apparel retailer. ...
The company has over 2000 stores globally and likely to double in the coming years. Within five years after its establishment the company had a spout of growth extending its operations over the principle cities in Spain. A key major breakthrough of its growth came after its venture into international markets under Inditex Corporation. Trendy Zara is the flagship brand for Europe's fastest-growing apparel retailer. This growth can be argued to be attributed by company adoption of a sustainable breakthrough strategy. This has enabled the company to become world’s largest fashion group with a variety of fashion brand names such as Zara Kids, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home, Lefties and Uterque. ZARA STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Industry Overview Fashion and clothing industry is among the expanding most sectors in many economies in the world markets. This industry notably in Spain and its multinational ventures is characterized with high competition and change in designs and fashion affecting consumer demand in the key underlying companies. This industry has three major competitors both locally and internationally and these companies include Zara Company holding 9.8% of the market share, H&M Hennes & Mauritiz AB commanding 2.9% and Mango Market share being 2.6%. By 2011 the company is valued at $33.38, since the economic recession this industry forecasting a growth of 10.5% as from 2010 to 2015. It is also important to note that Spain in the fourth largest producer of textile. The industry majorly targets men and women aged 18-35 years old. These companies strive to provide affordable prices to the targeted cosmopolitan and young men and women interested in upscale clothing. This industry and its core markets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Zara - The Fast Fashion Leader strategy development as well as the company not maintaining proper focus on building more independent supply and logistics networks that would be owned by Zara to improve its scope of control. Because of these weaknesses, it is recommended that Zara consider repositioning the business to a premiumisation strategy as a new business level strategy, diversifying self-managed manufacturing and logistics capabilities, and focusing on promotion that is more consumer-centric. It is further recommended that Zara differentiate its products with an emphasis on fashion-forward design in order to capture the attention of target markets that value...
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.... The European customer base is fairly homogenous in their characteristics and they are also affected by the same environment and factors. Customers in this area are looking for constant updates to fashion, in a timely and acceptable manner. They also want this to be available for a reasonable price. By acting globally and acting locally, Zara retains its strength in its home markets, and this strength enables it to generate more revenue and cash flow to enable investments in other international markets. This further supports the identity of Zara and enhances its brand as customers come to associate it with quality, and as an international company. This concept...
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...quantity, thus instead of going for bulk production, it prefers fewer items. This approach gives Zara's double benefit, such as lesser risk and creating more demand by making artificial scarcity, which means it can charge more and earn extra profit. It is natural with all objects especially fashion products; they become more desirable making them more profitable for the company. Normally it is very rare to find a product in its early launch days, a customer has to request the item, which is taken into notice by the store manager and produced within a shortest period of time. Another benefit of this approach is that if the product does sell well, it can be easily scarped back due to...
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...of the raw material in the fashion industry depend heavily on the buyers because there cannot sell their supplies to any other company or industry. According to Watts (2012), Zara gets almost 50% of their raw materials and resources from the associate companies in the Inditex Group. Therefore they are dependant on the external suppliers. Thus, based on this assumption, the bargaining power of the suppliers is considerably low in this industry. Rivalry among competitors There is intense competition among the major players in this industry (Vatia, 2008). There each of these companies is a threat to one another. The major competitors in this industry are...
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