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(Human Resourse) Darkside report abot US Class Action Lawsuit - Essay Example

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Despite its significant performance and high number of employees, Wal-Mart stores, one of the leading supermarket in the world, has regularly been criticized for treating its employees in an unfairly way. As a result, women workers feel demotivated leading to low performance an…
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Extract of sample "(Human Resourse) Darkside report abot US Class Action Lawsuit"

Download file to see previous pages According to David Garrison, one of the counsels representing the women, Johnston law firm was representing hardworking and courageous women who represented thousands of others to fight against Wal-Mart practice of discriminating its female employees (Miles, and Harry, 1969). Being the third discrimination case against the store, Phipps v. Wal-Mart involved three plaintiffs who were employed in the region 43. The three women included Cheryl Phipps, Bobbi Millner and Shawn Gibons. One of the major complaints that were aired by the women is that they have waited for more than 10 years since joining the store without getting any salary increment or promotion.
According to this case, women employees who were working on hourly positions were receiving far less wages as compared to men holding similar positions. Despite the regular reports that the senior management was receiving from women employees, there was no step that was taken to reverse the situation. In addition, women complained that they were promoted less frequently as compared to their male counterparts. On her part, Cheryl Phipps stated that despite her long time service in the stores and representing the stores manager while he was away, the management did not allow her to join Wal-Mart Management Trainee Program. As a result she lacked adequate skills to join the management team. This resulted to acceptance of a less experienced male employee to the program. Bobbi Millner complained of being paid far less annual salary as compared to a male assistant manager who was less experienced. Shawn Gibbons on the other hand complained of been denied chances to join Wal-Mart Management Trainee Program despite her six years experience as the store’s employee.
Wal-Mart v. Dukes is another notable case that was lodged by Dukes, one of the current employees. According to Dukes, there was sex discrimination in Wal-Mart that entailed denying women reasonable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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