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Cross Listing in GCC & US Market - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this book report "Cross Listing in GCC & US Market" casts light on the cross-listing, when a company lists its equity shares in another foreign exchange to add to its domestic exchange. Reportedly, both the papers discussed below talk about the significance of cross-listing to shareholders…
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Cross Listing in GCC & US Market
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Extract of sample "Cross Listing in GCC & US Market"

Download file to see previous pages What is the evidence from Companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries? The aims of research questions are to investigate whether the cross-listing of the GCC countries led to the minimization in the volatility of stocks that are cross-listed. Also, if it has improved liquidity and if there is a better valuation or return of the cross-listed companies. The other goal of these research questions is to determine if the foreign listing of markets results in a reduction of risk, big returns and increased liquidity for companies that are cross-listed. Paper 2, the other research question is what are the long-term effects of Cross- listing, Ownership structure on Valuation and Recognition of Investors? The main goal of this research question is to show the long-term effects of Investor Recognition and bonding linked with the United States cross-listing in relation to valuations. The research can be done using various Canadian firms (Coffee, 2002).
Q 2). Both papers outline the investor awareness assumptions underlying the research, but only the market segmentation hypothesis is in the first paper. Firstly, there is the Investors’ awareness hypothesis. According to Merton, cross-listing assists investors to learn more about a company by minimizing information asymmetry. It also makes stocks easily available to many shareholders thus improving the liquidity of the stock. It also helps companies to reduce the cost of capital. According to investors, cross-listing brings more investment opportunities to foreign investors and better diversification of risk. The other aspect is the bonding hypothesis. According to Coffee & Slutz, cross-listing in a foreign market that has strict barriers to entry, in terms of protection of shareholders rights and requirements of the disclosure may reduce the asymmetry of information. In reducing information asymmetry, it will lead to conveying of positive information about the value of the firm. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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