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EIT4 Task 2 Planning/602.1.2: Lesson Planning and Instructional Resource Identification - Essay Example

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Student academic content standard provides a definition of the required knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level. State Core Curriculum or Student Achievement Standards give a consistent, clear perceptive of what students should learn…
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EIT4 Task 2 Planning/602.1.2: Lesson Planning and Instructional Resource Identification
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Extract of sample "EIT4 Task 2 Planning/602.1.2: Lesson Planning and Instructional Resource Identification"

Lesson Planning Institute Lesson Planning academic content standard provides a definition of the required knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level. State Core Curriculum or Student Achievement Standards give a consistent, clear perceptive of what students should learn and how the student can apply these concepts to the real world (Martin, 2012). The State Core Curriculum in this case is the fourth grade under the North Carolina’s instructional objectives in science and health. In this case, student’s choices of academic content standards as per the area of specialization are “to build an understanding of the composition and uses of rocks and minerals” and “substance abuse”.
There are a number of supporting attributes on local guidelines and academic content standards from the selected units. For instance, understanding the composition of rocks and minerals help the student acknowledge the importance of rocks in the society. Rocks occur naturally on the earth surface in a different form that includes igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are as a result of solidification of magma beneath the surface of the earth (“Minerals and rocks,” 2012). Sedimentary rocks are formed through compression of buried substance under chemical modification while metamorphic rocks are as a result of intense heat of pressure. Most of these rocks consist of minerals. Minerals are the chemical elements that are naturally found in inorganic solids.
These elements include oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. All of these elements are essential to human either in their bodies or manufacturing of essential goods. Rocks are also used in building, road construction, and other permanent structures and those that naturally exist on the river side help in preventing soil erosions. In addition, some minerals exist as mines deposits underneath the earth surface. Therefore, a student with the understanding on rocks and minerals will be in a better position in discovering these deposits. The society would benefit from such a discovery both economically and socially (“Minerals and rocks, 2012”).
Substance abuse refers to the harmful use of stimulating substance, including illicit drugs and alcohol. The knowledge on the effect of abusing these substances would help the student influence the locals in leading a responsible life. Abuse of alcohol and other drugs causes loss of live to many young and old people in the society. Substance abuse is an excellent choice academically because the student gets a better understanding of the body function. Use of Psychoactive substance can lead to addiction, change in behavior, and cognitive. Addiction is a phenomenon that develops after a constant abuse of a drug which includes a strong craving to take the drug, persisting in using drugs despite the negative consequences involved, difficulties in controlling drug use, giving first priority to drug use than any other activities, increased tolerance, and from time to time a physical withdrawal state. Learning of this unit support the local guidelines by laying down policies might help reduce the levels of substance abuse. This significantly reduces public health problems that are attributable to substance abuse (“Substance Abuse,” 2012).
In conclusion, this paper gives a clear description of the relationship between student’s choice of study unit and academic content standards and local guidelines. Understanding what one is expected to learn in relation to real world experience is essential in preparations for life after school. The knowledge acquired by the student in this case is practically related to real life situations in day to today life.
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