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The place looks spectacular, portraying a really busy place for the artist/s using the room. From the photograph, it is evident that the room is used as a place for…
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Studio Workroom
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Full A Portrait of Work Kirkland’s “Studio Workroom” is a place where masterpieces are created which is an artwork in itself. The place looks spectacular, portraying a really busy place for the artist/s using the room. From the photograph, it is evident that the room is used as a place for painting. There are a number of paintbrushes in several containers and bottles of paints are also placed on the table. From this, one could conclude that the table is used as an area for painting. Near the table are shelves which are used for books, sculptures and other necessities of the artist. On the upper most part of the shelves are silverwares which may be a collection of artworks. Otherwise, they would also be some of the modern works made in the workroom by the artists making their masterpieces using metals as their basic materials. The different artworks displayed on the shelves, whether they were bought for display or have been made there, give an inspiring attitude to viewers. One cannot help but appreciate the workroom, seeing evidences of the time spent by the artists who have put their effort in working there.
The workroom is perhaps not just used as a place for doing artwork but is also designed to be a comfortable place to read. The books are probably not just there for display but serve their purposes for the users of the room. Since it is an artist’s workroom, it is assumed that the books are about arts. The presence of a typewriter also makes a viewer assume that writing is also done in the workroom. It perhaps tells something about the setting of the photo or the age of the artist as well. The photograph may have been taken at an earlier time, when computers were still not largely used or the artist using it may just have been used to using an old-fashioned machine.
One of the obvious fascinating things about the workroom is the number of lights hanging over the table. This speaks of the dedication of the artist is putting in the job. it is concluded from this that the artist probably spends a lot of time in the room, sometimes not noticing the time anymore. Therefore, a lot of lights have to be placed in the room to really make it bright and give a well-lighted workplace for the artist. Aside from the obviously advantageous things inside the room, there is also something that first attracts the attention of viewers at first glance. The ropes hanging in the middle of the room, tied to the beams, look quite unusual. Since there are no telling signs of their use, a non-artist could not stop wondering what the ropes are for. However, in the photo, it serves as an attraction that causes curiosity. The picture tells a lot of stories and it also portrays a work of art. The black color of the chairs that are near the viewer seems to give a base for the photo. It is in contrast to the upper side of the picture which features the lights and colorful artworks. This is perhaps the usual scene in workrooms. A place that speaks of busy hours spent diligently on works that have brought to life the thoughts of artists. The place is unkempt but looks beautiful because after all, the beauty of a workroom is in the evidence of the work put into it. Read More
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Studio Workroom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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