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Law Enforcement scenario - Assignment Example

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To determine the best way to solve a number of theft cases have occurred in Kelly Virtual School starting with the audiovisual equipment that went missing in the TV room, then a keyboard and a mouse from the library and then several computers from the computer lab, using a…
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Law Enforcement scenario assignment
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Kelly Virtual School Kelly Virtual School Problem To determine the best way to solve a number of theft cases have occurred in KellyVirtual School starting with the audiovisual equipment that went missing in the TV room, then a keyboard and a mouse from the library and then several computers from the computer lab, using a maximum of $5000.
That the problem involves theft cases is true and improvements have to be made in securing the door windows on the exterior stairwell that leads to the second floor. This could be done by installing security cameras or by employing security personnel.
The main problem in Kelly Virtual School is that thieves can break the door windows and access the second floor. The door has been secured well because the thieves were unable to break the door but they entered the building by breaking the windows of the doors. This is the main place where the problem is. Secondly, despite the fact that the door locks have been secured, the overall security of the building is not assured because audiovisual equipment lost in the TV room in addition to the keyboard and mouse that disappeared from the library. These equipments were stolen but not through breaking in.
The first issue is that the audiovisual equipment, the keyboard, and the mouse went missing without breakages into the building. Secondly, thieves stole several computers from the computer lab by breaking in through the door windows on the exterior stairwell.
Security cameras, door windows with metal instead of glass, sensor gadgets, lighting the rear stairwell and alarms will not exceed $5000 in cost.
Course of Action
COA 1Install cameras in the TV room
COA 2 Install cameras in the library
COA 3 Install cameras in the computer lab
COA 4 Install cameras on the rear stairwell
COA 5 Install sensor gadget in the door of the TV room
COA 6 Install sensor gadget in the door of the computer lab
COA 7 Install sensor gadget in the doors of the library
COA 8 Mount computers on permanent metal frames in the computer room
COA 9 Mount the audiovisual equipment on a permanent metal frame
COA 10 Mount the keyboard on a permanent metal bar
COA 11 Install an alarm in the rear doors
COA 12 Install lighting over the rear doors
Base price must be less than 5000 U.S. dollars
The money must be divided to fit all the needs
Must have a minimum of 4 cameras
Must have a minimum of 3 sensor gadgets
Must have an alarm
Cost. Defined as the amount of dollars to buy equipments including metals. Less is better. $ 1000
Electricity. Defined as the amount of payment for electricity per year. More is better. $ 2000
Maintenance. Defined as the amount of dollars that will be spent in maintaining the cameras, lighting bulbs and sensor gadgets. More is better. $ 1000
COA 12 failed the criteria because it will exceed the $5000 limit
The course of action for putting lighting in the rear doors did not meet the criteria regarding cost and was eliminated from consideration. The remaining courses of action were put on the evaluation criteria of cost and maintenance that meet the safety standard
All the cameras, sensing gadgets and the alarm should be bought and installed. Read More
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Law Enforcement Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Law Enforcement Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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