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How the environment plays a role in learning - Research Paper Example

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In line with this, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a typical classroom learning environment, Web-based or computer based learning environment, and living environment will be…
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How the environment plays a role in learning
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Download file to see previous pages e student enters the advance stage in learning, the use of computer-based learning and living environment has to be incorporated in the school curriculum in order to maximize the learning experience of the students.
Parents are responsible in the learning capacity of a child. This is a widely acceptable fact since majority of the child’s learning foundation is developed at home. As a child grows older, external influences would start to affect the child’s learning. The child starts to attend school wherein the teaching responsibility is transferred to the teachers.
Each day, the students’ learning can take place in several ways. Specifically the use of classroom learning environment includes the process of learning from a professor within a classroom setting, the application of time driven events, the concept of hands on learning, and the interaction between two or more students will be thoroughly discussed. The use of Web-based or computer learning environment includes online classes, internet research activities, online library, and the use of discussion boards whereas learning from living environment includes interaction within the community setting, family and friends, and within the work place.
In line with the importance of effective learning in terms of improving the students’ ability to learn new things each day, a literature review will be conducted in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of adopting the classroom learning environment, Web-based or computer based learning environment, and living environment.
Teaching is considered as both a science and an art of employing strategies, schemes, and different tactics to enhance the learning and development of the students. Since teachers are the front-liners in proving a quality education for each the students, teachers must be able to implement strategies based on theories that are effective in moulding the mental development of the child.
According to Barbara McCombs, “almost ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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