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Learning Environment - Research Paper Example

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Humans are complex creatures and due to this psychologists have gone out of their way to understand them. As a result they have come up with different theories to explain this complexity. In order to fully explain the human beings, psychologists have divided humans into domains depending on the stage of life…
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Learning Environment Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Environment is listed as one of the major contributors to the learning process. It has a very high impact on the knowledge that is inflicted on us. While comparing the environment to student learning, environment means external factors that affect the classroom or the learning process. These include classmates, bullies, timetables, lecturers among others. From an organization's point of view, the learning process comprises both the organization and the staff members. The environment of an organization involves the company mission and vision, core values as well as the overall strategic plans. The company resources and the annual goals and implementation processes constitute the organizational environment (Ormond, 2004).
One of the major contributors to the theories of learning is Jean Piaget, who came up with the 'theory of cognitive development'. According to Piaget's theory there are four development stages of a child's development from the inherent impulses to complex activities. The four stages include; Sensorimotor Stage (Age 0-2) - In the sensorimotor stage, the rational compositions are mainly involved with the mastery of material objects.
Pre-operational Stage (Age 2-7) - This stage involves the mastery of signs and symbols. Concrete Operational (Age 7-11) - In the concrete stage, children learn mastery of modules, associations and figures and how to rationale. Formal Operational (early teens after 11) - The last stage deals with the mastery of ideas and contemplation. In Piaget's theory the environment contributes since children exposed to different environments tend to master objects, signs and symbols differently, and tend to rationalize things in different means. Therefore according to Piaget the environment serves as a catalyst to learning and overall development. (Ormond, 2004.)
In organizations, aspects such as technology also serve as the environment and they promote the extent of learning. Over time many changes have taken place in organizations because technology has been consistently advancing. Just a decade or so ago the postal system and the fax machine were the fastest ways to get things done. In today's environment we use emails and scans for the majority of written correspondences (Edelman, 2006).
In the days gone by, in-person conferences were a daily ritual but in our fast pace world of cell phones and conference call the slow means have been replaced and it is now possible for people across the United States to purchase, finance and close deals without ever leaving their homes. Individuals today cannot live without a blackberry and a computer. Individuals and companies have to work daily with all the available advances in Technology. They are constantly in different computer programs to help with daily activities of the office (Frank, 2003).
Companies are also using all types of office equipment to actively stay in touch with their clients. Without the new world of cell phones, email, multi line phone systems and faxes it would take weeks to do what is done today in just a matter of hours. Firms rely heavily on the latest advancements in the coffee world to stay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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