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In the paper “My Big Idea regarding System of Education” the author focuses on teachers’ salaries, remedial classes for students, strike management, and early syllabus completion. These issues among others are destroying the name of schoolwork in the USA…
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My Big Idea regarding System of Education
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My Big Idea regarding System of Education
Dear editor,
In this country, it is true to state that education is a man’s third eye. In the early 1960, after having got our independence, it established that the public sector and the government had failed to fulfill the demands of the people of this nation to foster in heights of better education. Their contribution is literally imparted by the education ministry into a little bit worth of maintenance. Our government is headed towards destruction, and I think it is better off if it took keen seriousness on teachers’ salaries, remedial classes for students, strike management and early syllabus completion. These issues among others are destroying the name of schoolwork in this country as the situation is moving from worse to worst.
Besides these issues, it is more preferable to install computerized systems in schools such that students and teachers wherever they are can access the information they need. These systems should allow teachers to update syllabus, make notes, give examinations and produce results. This is well supported by virtual learning systems, and it is well done through the internet and local connections around schools. In return, the difficulties teachers and students face in schools will be limited while salaries and payments are relatively effective. The reason behind this attribute is that school staffs, students and teachers do their core tasks required by the institution, and the rest of the other days is all for themselves to enjoy. This should be implied in the I.C.T sector.
Secondly, our system of education has been compromised as orphan child among other areas in the society where it faces double standards that have created an atmosphere of frustration for primary and secondary level students. I urge the government to implant strong knowledge on practical education where specialization of one’s’ career begins at level one of secondary education.
Shayne Samuel,
Ministry of Education.
Email response:
I like how this craft is. As an editor of The Daily News, I would like to confirm to you that this information will be spread to people with enough courage to challenge the cabinet so that they can discuss on the implementation of these systems especially in the secondary and primary schools. Furthermore, the whole nation will be requested to give opinions on the same issue. I am sure that, once the government embarks on implementing these systems, there will be a reduced cost of manpower from the resource department. It will also solve cases leading to strikes and other inconveniences encountered by students and school staffs.
Kind Regards,
Jennifer Abakuchacha,
The daily News.
Marx, G. (2006). Sixteen trends, their profound impact on our future. Chicago: Educational Research Service. Read More
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