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Compartive analysis of New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the White Supremacist World Church of the Creator - Research Paper Example

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White Supremacist World Church of the Creator is a fast-growing America based hate group whose stated goal is "making this an all-white nation and ultimately an all-white world." Members of the group are mainly young white males, but women and children are also a part of it…
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Compartive analysis of New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the White Supremacist World Church of the Creator
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Extract of sample "Compartive analysis of New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and the White Supremacist World Church of the Creator"

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  New Black Panther Party for Self Defense is the largest black racist militant group founded in Texas. New Black Panther Party gained supporters through media coverage of its efforts of taking on racial discrimination issues under the pretext of civil rights. The group’s demonstrations call for racial violence ruining its efforts to promote black pride. In January 2009, a suit was filed against New Black Panther Party for intimidating a voter on Election Day 2008 in Philadelphia. (New Black Panther Party for Self Defense: Ideology 2012)
The ideology of World Church of the Creator is ‘Creativity’ which is a racial religion aiming for the survival and expansion of the white race. The members of World Church of the Creator call themselves ‘Creators’ who view every matter as a white man’s perspective, resulting in attacks on followers of other religions and people of other races. Its slogans are ‘A Whiter and Brighter World’ and ‘RAHOWA" (RAcial HOly WAr)’. (Robinson 2012)
Creativity was founded by Ben Klassen (1918-1993). The Church of the Creator (COTC) was organized by him which was succeeded by The Creativity Movement in 1973. After Klassens suicide in 1993, the group’s activity began to decline and it started to fade out but it was resuscitated by Rev. Matthew Hale (former head of the National Socialist White Americans Party) in 1996 and named it World Church of the Creator and was its Pontifex Maximus- the highest priest. He attracted a large number of followers, ‘creators’. He passed his bar exams but has been denied a license due to his religious beliefs. (Robinson 2012)
Montana has been a centre of WCOTC activity. In the early 1990s Rev Rudy Stanko moved to Billings and began selling Klassen’s books. Rev. Slim Deardorf hosted the annual convention of the WCTOC every summer. Literature has been spread across the state in order to gain followers.
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Compartive Analysis of New Black Panther Party for Self Defense and Research Paper.
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