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Criminalization of Ethnic Groups - Essay Example

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Criminalization of Ethnic Groups Customer Instructor University Date Introduction The world today is treated like a battlefield that nurtures fierce competition every passing moment, instead of what the philosophers and thinkers conceived as a global village…
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Criminalization of Ethnic Groups
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Download file to see previous pages Such a competitive environment within the human race has given birth to historically unheard and beyond imagination concepts of war, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, terrorism etc (Turvey, 2008). With the research conducted for the accomplishment of this paper it is identified that power of media and economic instability are the factors that contribute in criminalizing of various ethnic groups over others. The details of the entire mechanism will be discussed throughout the length of this paper through examples and real life events. Role of Power in Criminalizing Identities With the advancement of internet and technology, the world has become a small place as far as the communication is concerned. Geographical boundaries are becoming less and less significant when it comes to information sharing. Any news, event or surge taking place in one part of the world is shared almost in real time with the other. This information sharing, though, has become exceedingly easy in the modern age; however, it does not come to us without adversities and negative impacts. The growing landmarks achieved by information technology and communication methodologies have shifted the definition of power with a bang (Coleman, Sim, Tombs and Whyte, 2009). Power of Media Power, previously known as the capacity to get things done, is transformed into an ideology that entails influencing people and feeding one’s own thoughts to their minds. Thus the role of communication has gained great importance to the practicing of power, lately. The entire concept of Power and the transition that it has been through over the period of time has evolved a modern day notion known as “the freedom of speech”. Freedom of Speech means that a common man has the right to speak up against the odds that he has been subjected to, at a level or platform that can be heard and noticed by the concerned authorities. This platform is known as media and thus freedom of speech has in turn empowered the media (Coleman, Sim, Tombs and Whyte, 2009). Today power is positively correlated to its ability to influence media. In other words prevalence of power is dependent upon its capacity to manipulate media. With media penetrating deeper and deeper into the lives and minds of the people, the common man to be precise, practicing of power has become easier than it was centuries ago. The powerful entities in the world make powerless entities appear as foes not only to their existence but also to the rest of the world. This leads to the emergence of notions like racial profiling and criminology. The entire mechanism of how it works is extremely complex and intriguing; nonetheless it is very effective and long lasting in terms of its influence on the minds of the people. The criminalization of various groups is not determined on the ground realities anymore; in fact it is determined upon the understanding and interpretation of the events forwarded by the media to the subjects. And how media represents information is handled by those in power (Naber and Jamal, 2007). Macroeconomic Waves Macroeconomic cycles and the impact of their occurrence on the economies of the world also explain categorical racial and ethnic profiling of groups. In case of recession or economic downturn, corporations adopt the strategy of cutting down their costs; this on most occasions results in the shedding of minority employees from the organizations. Expulsion of these employees results in unemployment in the society. With particular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Criminalization of Ethnic Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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