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Decriminalization Of Marijuana and It€™s Positive and Negative Impacts it would have on the state of Massachusetts - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Massachusetts among other united states has gone ahead and changed some of its existing laws to reduce the marijuana possess penalties. In…
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Decriminalization Of Marijuana and It€™s Positive and Negative Impacts it would have on the state of Massachusetts
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Extract of sample "Decriminalization Of Marijuana and It€™s Positive and Negative Impacts it would have on the state of Massachusetts"

Download file to see previous pages This has made the citizens to be unaware of what to do when caught smoking the drug in public. The fact that the marijuana has been decriminalized, the substance remains to be illegal (Earleywine, 2002, 74).
Marijuana decriminalization simply means that the possession of the drug is not a criminal act, but an individual possessing it is subject to civil fines. For this matter, marijuana distribution, selling, and selling still remain subject to criminal penalties (Earleywine, 2002, 74). This law is not applicable to marijuana only but also other substances which have active ingredient especially the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The prohibition of substances containing THC is because; they give psychoactive properties to marijuana. Substance such as hash oil and hashish are prohibited as they contain THC. Communities in Massachusetts have been permitted by the law to come up with their own ordinances regarding public consumption of cannabis (Earleywine, 2002, 75). However, this state does not permit arresting of citizens to be part of the ordinances. The state has also set a fine of $300 to be the maximum fine that can be charged on people possessing marijuana. Several communities in Massachusetts have withdrawn from this process of creating ordinances as they find it hard to come up with ordinances that would allow arresting of individuals possessing the drug (Earleywine, 2002, 78).
Due to the impact of marijuana decriminalization on communities in Massachusetts, a lot of attention has been given to the act. Those who have supported marijuana decriminalization have argued that the act is of benefit to the state in several areas. Such areas include: improvement of the welfare of the users of marijuana, increased savings on the local and state government budget, and improvement on criminal justice resource distribution and allocation. On the other hand, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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