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Organizations operate within their policies with certain culture that need to be followed. When the people from different cultures are employed, they are forced to adapt to the…
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Global Trends
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College: Global dynamics propel the convergence of cultures together; these forces include employment. Organizations operate within their policies with certain culture that need to be followed. When the people from different cultures are employed, they are forced to adapt to the organization culture, this organization culture forces the convergence of cultures into one culture. Media also pulls cultures together because people will have an opportunity to watch and listen to different cultures during cultural shows (Barrie, 1995). If there was something negative about a culture that people did not understand, they will have an opportunity to learn. Education is also another key thing. People from different cultures go to the same class, spend time in hostels together and learn in class the importance of appreciating and leaving with each other (Tracey, 1999). Entertainment industry has made people from different cultures to come together and produce music hence pulling their cultures together. Forces’ trying to prevent erosion of cultures include the development of archive centers. These will keep the tradition materials and information that remind people of their past cultures (Gary, 2005). The development of traditional clothing has stopped people from embracing foreign attire; maintaining and embracing eating culture has stopped international modified food from taking over the cultural mode of eating especially in Asian countries.
Technology changes the culture of countries; it has provided tools that enable our capability to network through the internet communities like Facebook and MySpace. This communication promotes freedom of expression that is not guaranteed in some countries. For example, Facebook provide space for communication during Arabs spring. Technology has made people to migrate from rural homes to the towns especially in developed countries in search of better services and good infrastructure. It has also increased awareness on the value of goods to the consumer hence eliminating middle men who used to make huge profits (Henry, 2006). Global culture is developing since the image of borderless flow has been evoked. Right know people, money and goods are moving undistracted around the world hence forming a global society full of universal culture and universal business language. Global influences have enable me learn through online and be able to communicate with friends through social media at ant time. I have benefitted through knowing the prices of products in the market without going through the middle men and development of new cars and roads has fastened the travelling.
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