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Postgraduate degree application personal statement - Essay Example

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My interest in international trade and financial markets has been nurtured by several factors prominent among them being my upbringing and childhood environment. I was born in Hong Kong, which is an international business hub, as such, from my childhood to youth; matters of…
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Postgraduate degree application personal statement
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Extract of sample "Postgraduate degree application personal statement"

Personal ment My interest in international trade and financial markets has been nurtured by several factors prominent among them being my upbringing and childhood environment. I was born in Hong Kong, which is an international business hub, as such, from my childhood to youth; matters of business were common fodder for discussions by adults around me. Because of the strategic placement of the country/city, the business transacted ultimately transcended regional affairs and much of it was geared toward international market. Further motivation was the global financial crisis since I was extremely interested in understanding; how and why the global economy, and Hong Kong in particular could be affected by events in far of places such a wall street or even the Euro Zone. Particularly after the global financial crisis, I immersed myself in an incisive study of any material that might illuminate the subject, be it on the internet or magazines such as, Newsweek and the Wall Street journal. Compounding these with my undergraduate studies, I can consider myself well furnished with background information as well as current affairs in the business world.
The new face of business that has been facilitated by globalization also holds considerable interest to me, and I aspire to acquire a better understanding of new and emerging economies as well as the economic blocs being formed such as the Eurozone as well and examining the challenges that they are encountering. I would also like to research and study the changing dynamics of the international economies, especially the future of emerging Asian Economies that are playing a bigger role in the global economy. I also hope to study the effect of this on western economies, bearing in mind that many European nations seem to be undergoing a myriad of near crippling economic problems.
I realize that XXXX University has an international reputation and is synonymous with excellence; furthermore, I am aware of diversity in the students and professors. I consider your institution appropriately placed to meet my needs since I am aware of the practical nature of the courses offered, which allow learners hands on experience, profoundly enhancing their skills and abilities. Furthermore, I look forward to being a part of the global campus rotational program, which allows your students to experience their subjects from the perspective of different countries.
My application at your university for post graduate course is in line with my ambition and long term plan to work in the field of business. However, I realize that due to globalization, one cannot hope to achieve any reasonable degree of competence without being aware of the global market forces and trends. Thus, studying in your institution will not only provide me with the necessary acumen in as an investment analyst, but will also enable me to interact with likeminded people from all over the world. This is an invaluable chance to widen my perception of the international business environment. In the short run, I hope to work as a financial analyst in the UK a position which will be invaluable in broadening my global perception before I return to my home country where I intend to pursue similar interests and apply my experience therein. In this respect, I am confident a degree from your university will be helpful in increasing my chance of procuring employment in a large number of repeatable intentional firms in the UK. Read More
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