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Managing Public Relations in Nonprofit Organizations - Case Study Example

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The Brookhaven National Laboratory conducted a mix of secondary and quantitative research in the quest of making an announcement concerning the new found scientific discovery. Foremost, a secondary research was done to evaluate past announcement prior to the Congressional…
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Managing Public Relations in Nonprofit Organizations
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Extract of sample "Managing Public Relations in Nonprofit Organizations"

Managing Public Relations in Non Profit Organizations Research The Brookhaven National Laboratory conducted a mix of secondary and quantitative research in the quest of making an announcement concerning the new found scientific discovery. Foremost, a secondary research was done to evaluate past announcement prior to the Congressional budget. To this end, the secondary research was done on a past 2000 media release. Secondly, a secondary research was done for the basis of identifying scheduled conferences. The major reason was to identify perfect avenues for conducting a public announcement without raising aspersion concerning the motive for advertisement. Further secondary research was done on a database of the consumer media and national science. The reason for this research was to broaden the scope of the target audience following the announcement. Consequently, the stakeholders identified were prominent science reporters. However, quantitative research involving telephone interviews with the reporters to ascertain their reliability produced negative results. To this end, a content analysis was undertaken on the BNL website. The purpose was to deliver a high amount of information pertaining to the upcoming conference and public announcement.
The evaluation measures employed involved the measuring of communication output. In this case, part of the objective was to achieve a mass advert of their product and elicit positive media reactions. To this end, the company surpassed their expected communication output whereby over 700 million coverage was achieved. In addition, the public relations firm employed the measure of outcomes as an evaluation. Consequently, the whole public announcement aspired to receive positive reviews from the public and media. Moreover, these reviews were supposed to spur the government in increasing budgetary allocation without arousing political aspersions on its public announcement. As a result, the firm was able to receive positive reviews from the media and public. Moreover, these reviews factored in on the increase of budgetary allocations. In addition, the public relation firms employed the measure of institutional outcomes as an evaluative tool. Consequently, BNL had an objective of increasing a budgetary allocation for its project. As a result, the institutional outcome was achieved through an increased budgetary allocation of $ 13,400.
The planning process entailed developing of a media list in which media outlets were identified. The aim was to achieve target audience for the impending announcement. To this end, the media list developed consisted of the USA Today, New York Times, the National Public Radio and the Science magazine. The planning process equally entailed a public service announcement via the America Physical Society. The main advantage of this public service announcement was the potential attraction of several media outlets. These media outlets would hence capture the essence of the ‘new discovery’ announcement and consequently relay the same message several times over in print and visual media. The overall achievement would be multiple impacts on a wide array of audience at a significant low cost.
Implementation/ Tactic
The implantation process entailed the distribution of news of the impending ‘new discovery’ announcement. This was achieved through posting of pictures, scientific papers and animations on BNL’s website. Furthermore, the public relations firm hired by BNL developed and posted media relations experts that would act as a communication response tool from media questions. In addition, the implementation entailed monitoring and evaluation on the impact achieved following the big announcement. This included the monitoring of press release reactions in connection with the scheduled budget cuts.
Guth, D., & Marsh, C. (2003). Public relations: a values-driven approach (2nd ed.). Boston:
Allyn and Bacon. Read More
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