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Criticaa Issues: Written Assignment 1 - Coursework Example

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The Act was put in place solely to improve the corporate governance. ABA Coordinating Committee on Nonprofit Governance(2005) explain that…
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Criticaa Issues: Written Assignment 1
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Extract of sample "Criticaa Issues: Written Assignment 1"

Download file to see previous pages however areas that do touch on the nonprofit sector like the provision relating to penalties for obstruction of justice, including destruction of document or a revenge and retaliation against whistleblowers; it does affect the nonprofit corporations. This actually supports the fact that the nonprofit sector needs to have governance reforms. In most countries in the world the interest in cooperation between the state and the non-state sectors has been growing steadily in the past decades. This implies that there has been recognition that the problems affecting the society cannot only be solved by the governments on their own and thus the need for nonprofit sectors need to be given an opportunity to accentuate their roles thus there is a connection between the state and nonprofit sectors in various ways, (James, 1989, McCarthy et. al, 1992, Salomon and Anheier, 1997). According to D. Brinkerhoff (1999); through identification and understanding of these connections enables the challenges in confronting both the poor and rich countries and thus the government-nonprofit interactions will be on the increase in the twenty-first century. The nonprofit sector relation with the governance like in the United States has led to increased intergovernmental and cross-sectoral relationships leading to a new intergovernmental relations, policies and programs involving the federal, state and local government. (Radin & Romzek, 1996).
Many areas in the nonprofit sectors need reforms for example the Internal Revenue Code that is meant to increase the disclosure provisions in order to help in improving the accountability of the organizations as such there is the provision that organizations with a particular number ought to have their finances audited ( Fistenberg, 2009). Furthermore there are rules stating that the board members in a nonprofit sector if they exceed 15 board members then it will mean that they have to establish committees like auditing committees among other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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