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LensCrafters - Essay Example

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An examination of the case study presented by Collier and Evans (2010) on the eyewear store Lenscrafters’ provides a unique insight into a concept store that provides a unique service in the eyewear industry. Competitive characteristics include those of service, convenience,…
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Extract of sample "LensCrafters"

Download file to see previous pages riendly service should never be discounted as efforts to specifically address consumers gives them a sense of power as they enter into a room ready to serve them. The lessons learned from Lenscrafteres’ are to differentiate, provide high levels of service, and to be convenient without sacrificing quality.
The strategy that is used by Lenscrafter in order to compete in the eyewear market is high levels of service. Service is made a visible entity as the customer can watch as their eyeglasses are being made. The service that is provided is intended to be completed within an hour, making it a convenient process which leads to the second characteristic. The second characteristic that defines the competitive priorities for Lenscrafters’ is that of convenience. Where most eyewear operations require several days to order and then receive the glasses that a customer has ordered, the Lenscrafters’ model is based on a fast turnaround that provide the consumer with their product within the same shopping experience. The average turnaround time is one hour (Collier & Evans, 2010).
The final characteristic explored here is that of quality. Quality is the lynchpin characteristic of the development of the competitive advantages that Lenscrafters’ holds. Everything from the design of the store to the view of the workers in the lab promotes the idea of quality. Although service and convenience are the basis on which the store operates, it is through quality that they create relationships with consumers, outdistancing the competition by crating high quality eyewear in a short period of time with a high level of service.
The service delivery system design is structured through the development of the store locations. The store locations use a number of different design features in order to facilitate the best possible experience for the consumer. The first element of the design is that it is created in order to evoke a high level of professionalism. The display of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LensCrafters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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