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Paper about your experience in Ice-cream social and a game of Jenga - Essay Example

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Since they were common social activities in the neighborhood, I had had to get involved in the games regardless of my initial attitude…
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Paper about your experience in Ice-cream social and a game of Jenga
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Download file to see previous pages I, however, soon started feeling uncomfortable and suspected a body reaction after every ice cream social event. It was not until my worst experience that I stopped participating in the events and restrained from taking ice cream and exposing myself to cold environmental factors. This followed a diagnosis that I became asthmatic, a health complication that is triggered by allergic reaction to cold among other factors. The attack was so severe during my last ice cream social event that I had to be rushed to the hospital, in an ambulance, moments later.
I also had a reversed experience with the jenga game that I initially thought was complicated and less interesting. Taking time with peers and the pride of being the best in the game however won my interest and I soon determined to learn the game’s rules. I then realized that the jenga game combined both artistic and analytical skills of establishing a balance for the masses in the built structure. I then excelled and became one of the top players in the game that later captivated my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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