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In the paper “Ice-cream Social and a Game of Jenga,” the author discusses ice cream social, which is a planned event that primarily focuses on the kind of ice cream served to guests. It only involves neighbors and usually performed in summers…
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Ice-cream Social and a Game of Jenga
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One such game is the Jenga. Apparently, Jenga involves mental and physical skills games invented by Leslie Scott. Parker Brother that is a section of the Hasbro is the current marketer of the game. Players remove and balance blocks in turns to create tall and unstable structures during the game progress (Scott, 2009).
I had an opportunity to attend an ice cream occurrence where a game of Jenga was played as well. The event was creative because of the presence of several friends in attendance. Simple, appealing décors and fresh flavors were on service as people mingled with each other and played Jenga. I discovered that such events are good for meeting and making friendships. As a first time player of Jenga, I was able to discover and learn new rules of the game. I acquired skills on how to load the tray in all the 18 levels. However, the game is full of struggles because one has to balance the mental and physical aspects with the ice cream social. Matching the number of levels in the game with the possible number of moves was an uphill task too. This was attributable to the need to express the number of levels as ‘X’. The next step will be to learn the mathematical applications to win the game of Jenga (Scott, 2009).
Scott, L. (2009). About Jenga: The Remarkable Business of Creating a Game That Became a
Household Name. Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group. Read More
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Ice-Cream Social and a Game of Jenga Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 331 Words.
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