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Hospitality and gastronomy: social, private and commercial - Essay Example

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Hospitality and gastronomy: social, private and commercial Introduction Punjab is a state in northwest India and located on the east side of Pakistan. Punjab has a rich cultural heritage and a long history. The people of the state are known as Punjabis with local language being Punjabi…
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Hospitality and gastronomy: social, private and commercial
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Download file to see previous pages Punjab is known as the land of Five Rivers. For Punjab the largest industry is Agriculture. The state is the largest producer of wheat in India. There are other major industries like manufacturing of agricultural goods, scientific instruments, financial services, electrical goods, textiles, machine tools etc. The state also has the highest number of steel rolling mill plants in entire India. This report takes a look at the culture and history of Punjab. Discussion Culture of Punjab Punjab has one of the oldest cultures in India. Many religions and races of people made up the culture of Punjab. It is a land where the spiritual aspirations arose. Punjab was invaded by different races and empires like Persians, Aryans, Egyptians, Greeks, Mongols and Afghans. Though the state suffered so many invasions, it did not lose its strength and glory. Each of these races has its cultural impression left in the state. Around 15th Century, Guru Naka Dev preached his marvellous love for the whole world. People believed that about eight centres before the birth of Christ, the state was the most prosperous and enlightened region (Grewal, Pall and Banga, 2005). The birth and growth of Sikhism during the Middle Age, gave a new dimension to their culture. Presently it is one of the most vibrant states in India. It has a unique cultural landscape encompassing both utilitarian aspects and traditional values. Punjab exhibits an aura of embellishments with artistry in every aspect of life. There is a display of opulent culture in its metal work, jewellery, embroidery, mud wall paintings, wall paintings, folk songs, architecture and dances (Mir, 2010). The culture of Punjab has a rich history attached to it and a pulsating social life. The culture of Punjab is known for its progressiveness, tolerance and logical approach to its lifestyle. The culture of Punjab has undergone significant evolutions. In the Ancient Punjab the architecture of the house were built by rich baked-brick. People were mostly fascinated by a number of things like games like dice, artefacts etc. which were found out by archaeologists. Punjabi people are nowadays distributed all over the world. Hence the traditional culture of Punjab has expanded and strengthened to the western world like United Kingdom, United States and Canada (Allender, 2006). The culture of Punjab has many traditions like its popular dances. Punjabi Dances The Punjabis have a rich tradition of dances. The popular ones include the folk ones. The vitality and exuberance of the people are displayed in the folk dances. Their dances are full of gestures, expressions, vocal remarks, unrestricted freedom and subtleties of motion. One unique aspect of the Punjabi dances is that they don’t have any common dance for women and men. Each have their separate dances which is combined together to form a typical performance. The difference types of Folk Dances are Giddha It is a popular folk dance which is performed by women of a region. It has a similarity to the bhangra dance which is performed by men only. The dancer’s dances while singing verses called bolis, which is nothing but folk poetry (Kumar, Singh, Agrwaal and Kaur, 2003). Bhangra It is the most popular folk dance. It shows the dynamism and liveliness of the people. This dance is mainly performed by men, who perform the dance to the music and beats of the drum. The dance is mainly performed on the occasion of the Baisakhi festival. It is the harvest festival of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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