Technical complexity, task variability and analyzability, and task interdependence of MRA Associates - Case Study Example

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The company has to engage highly knowledgeable personnel in its activities since it is an engineering consultancy firm. It has employees who manage technical issues to provide solutions and…
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Technical complexity, task variability and analyzability, and task interdependence of MRA Associates
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Extract of sample "Technical complexity, task variability and analyzability, and task interdependence of MRA Associates"

Technical Complexity, Task Variability and Analyzability, and Task Interdependence of MRA Associates Technical Complexity
MRA Associates is a company that engages in activities that are highly technical. The company has to engage highly knowledgeable personnel in its activities since it is an engineering consultancy firm. It has employees who manage technical issues to provide solutions and consultancy services. As such, the company has a staff population of two hundred, 67 percent of whom are professionals with high level degrees to enable it handle the complex challenges it encounters. This enables the company to have a wide range of possible solutions to consider for implementation. Although not all its local offices have experts in each of the three issues it handles most of them have at least one.
Task Variability and Analyzability
MRA Associates engages in a number of tasks as it seeks to achieve its business goals. In order to find solutions to environmental challenges, the company engages its experts to design and implement solutions. They analyze the problems and come up with procedures that are able to solve them. This implies that the tasks are highly analyzable. The fact that the company encounters and develops solutions for different types of environmental problems means that its tasks vary highly.
Task Interdependence
The company handles environmental issues; industrial wastewater treatment, groundwater contamination, and biohazards cleanup. These issues involve a variety of activities all aimed at ensuring that the environment is kept clean. Industrial wastewater produced as by-products of many factories would end up contaminating groundwater if not treated. In addition, biohazards also contaminate groundwater if not properly handled. The company’s tasks are so interrelated that sometimes they cut across geographic locations. Employees from different profit centers or departments have to consult each other and share resources (Ciaran, 2012). This has prompted the company to seek he services of account managers to handle such cases. There are instances where the top management of the company comes in to iron out differences between regional managers and account managers.
Ciaran, John. (2012). Examples of Task Interdependence in Manufacturing Companies. Retrieved from manufacturing-companies-38007.html Read More
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