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In simpler terms, it infers the level of mechanization in a manufacturing process. High technical complexity infers that most of the work gets performed by machines while low…
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Technical Complexity
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Technical Complexity Technical complexity refers to the degree of controlling, programming, and predictability (Daft, . In simpler terms, it infers the level of mechanization in a manufacturing process. High technical complexity infers that most of the work gets performed by machines while low technical complexity indicates that workers get more involved in the production process. Continuous-process technology offers an organization with an automated conversion process. This ensures that employees do not get involved in production. The employees’ functions in continuous-process technology get shifted to monitoring the machinery and managing exceptions like machine breakdowns (Jones, 2010). This implies that technical complexity best works with continuous process technology as its whole process is fully mechanized. Automated machines get to control continuous process production indicating that its outcomes are high predictable. Continuous-process technology represents the height of technical complexity.
Organizations with increased technical complexity are taller and have a wider span of control. Technical complexity enables the increase of hierarchy levels in the organization. Technical complexity ensures that small-batch technology requires three levels of management. With technical complexity, continuous-process technology requires six levels of hierarchy while mass production requires four levels (Daft, 2010). Technical complexity also affects the span of control and decision making for organizations using different technology. The span of control gets narrowed for small-batch technology while wide for mass production with incorporation of technical complexity. Technical complexity decentralizes decision making for small-batch technology while it widens that for mass production. Technical complexity also impacts on the nature of the organizational structures for the different technology. Mass production requires a mechanistic structure while small-batch and continuous process technology require organic structures.
Daft, R. L. (2010). Organization Theory and Design. New York: Cengage Learning.
Jones, G. R. (2010). Organizational Theory, Design, and Change. New York: Pearson Education. Read More
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Technical Complexity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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