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If there are more interfaces in the system, it will possess greater internal and external interfaces. The aspect of memory management has played vital roles in the technology…
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Core subsystems Technology systems tend to focus on the difference in the technical-complexity in the products-on-offer. If there are more interfaces in the system, it will possess greater internal and external interfaces. The aspect of memory management has played vital roles in the technology advancements. It has been useful in ensuring that the scheduling process is stable and present in a professional manner. All such processes are in place to ensure that the process execution in the in the central processing unit is kept stable and safe without any effect of thwarting or hacking process. The scheduler policies fail to receive priority from the memory managers. In such scenarios, there may de diverge allocations of the central processing unit (Torkkeli and Tuominen, pg. 277).
Such a scenario may result to two main problems. For instance, there is the schedule oblivious; where scheduling policies fail to exist and even those who are operating, the systems do not use it. In addition to that, the core objective remains to maximize the final and overall faults. Such an approach deters the achievement of schedule goals. The scheduling aspects of the general systems are based on the priority purposes in all times. The input is kept at a high end at all times. Delaying of one priority task occurs for the sake of more than five low priorities.
Real time operating systems have the mandate of managing the hardware aspects, which are found in the computer, and other applications installed in it. It remains very reliable it enhances measurement and general automation where the downtime remains a costly affair. The real time systems operate under maximal time. It does provide a high level of real time consistent timing (Grimmer and King, pg. 2647).
A number of real-time systems are constructed and operate using the general systems. The operating system is at the chance of providing real time support though they are engineered for a robust real time production, with a number of unpredictability. The disk activity and schedule granularity is at a consistent angle.
The critical difference between the general-purpose operations system and real-time operating system is all about the physical aspects of the system. It is all about the time sensitivity aspect. An example of a time conscious system is an automated machine, where one gets the money in not more than five seconds after request of the transaction. Such a system is critical in being time responsive. A personal computer does not portray such a time sensitivity aspect. When one is in the process of saving the document, it can take more than five second depending on the overload of the system. A general-purpose system utilizes programs that are not time conscious such as windows system or Linux. A real time system is used in areas that time sensitivity is necessary (Bresnahan, pg. 769).
The kernel of each system is pre-emptive brings up the whole difference. It defines the process to be followed when the aspects of high priority areas are in consideration. Lack of a pre-emptive kernel will cause overriding of the requests made. A real time system possesses a kernel; hence, all the important requests are available. It ensures that there is high predictability and responses with the system (Bovet and Cesati, pg. 56).
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