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Behaviour Policy in Schools - Essay Example

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The paper will first outline a brief history of policymaking in the UK to better understand the contemporary education policy. The paper will also discuss the key actors in the policy-making process and look at the influence of contexts in shaping behavior policies.  …
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Behaviour Policy in Schools
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Extract of sample "Behaviour Policy in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the dynamics of educational policy-making keep changing due to changes in the environment. Contrary to previous years where the national government made policies regarding education, nowadays there is more input from other actors both in government and private sphere. The state and local governments are involved as well as the entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals, teachers and school leaders. Furthermore, modern education has been marketized to suit economic interests thus bringing into the context other actors. According to Hulme, R., and Hulme, M., the spaces in which policy is thought and done have also changed. The use of technology has changed the context in that now education can not only be offered at schools but also at home and across national boundaries through e-learning. Policymakers, therefore, have to take into consideration such dynamics. Ainley also observes that education system has evolved from “national system locally administered to a local system nationally administered.” In the United States, there has been a push for more standardized reforms to enhance cohesiveness, fairness, and equity. It is a requirement for schools by the Education and Inspections Act of 2006 to have a behavior policy which includes school rules. This policy is part of the wider national education policies. The aim of this paper is thus to discuss the policy process in schools in relation to behavior policies. To accomplish this, the paper will discuss the standards, institutional contexts and the key actors in policy making. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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