Analyse your school's behaviour management policy and evaluate how it meets the needs for safeguarding children in relation to y - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: How the current behaviour management policies safeguard children Dealing with children in a classroom can sometimes be a challenge for a staff member, a carer or teacher. This is because each child has their own independent mind and thinking that they rely on so as to respond to different aspects in their environment…
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Analyse your schools behaviour management policy and evaluate how it meets the needs for safeguarding children in relation to y
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Extract of sample "Analyse your school's behaviour management policy and evaluate how it meets the needs for safeguarding children in relation to y"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the most dependable solution would be to ensure that there is effective classroom management on the part of the teacher. To get this process started a teacher should take their time to know more about the children that are in his/ her classroom. Once the teacher gets well acquainted with this information, they can be on the upper hand with better techniques and strategies on how to relate and communicate with the child in the classroom. Further on that, this information will help the teacher determine how the children will be positioned in the classroom setting based on their behaviours. According to Marzano (2003), the actions that a teacher pursues in the classroom can have a huge impact on the child and / or children with regard to their individual achievements in school. Based on the information provided, it can be revealed that when a teacher takes their time to know more about a child who is in their classroom - This trend will in turn aid in proper behaviour management in the classroom setting and dynamics. Therefore, this paper seeks to showcase that the mandated school behaviour management policies aid in safeguarding children in all perspectives while they are in school. This is because the policies outline the roles, duties and responsibilities of each child as well as their teachers. According to CUHP (2011), behaviour management policy relates to the action of ensuring that children in all nature of schools have their behaviour monitored through approved strategies and techniques so as to ensure that they behave accordingly. That is; in a positive manner with their peers and/ or parents. Behaviour management policies are developed by individuals such as the staff, parents and governors. These policies bid on building and encouraging positive behaviour, fostering safety in the school setting, establishing friendships and relationships between children. Additionally, the policies incorporate the teachers who are in constant contact with the children. According to a report by the House of Commons Education Committee (2011), behaviour and discipline polices need to be outlined, put into place and practiced in every school. The most important aspect is that they should be followed up by the parents, teachers and children so as to continuously promote good behaviour in schools. In the current school setting, the behaviour management policies focus on: Anti-bullying; Anti racism; Cyber bullying; Ensuring safety; Suspensions; Exclusions; Choice of language used. According to CUHP (2011), behaviour management policies yield a lot of positive benefits when they are practiced in the school setting. These benefits include: Development of a sense of judgement in emotion: Emotions need to be nurtured. This is due to the reason that different individuals have different kinds of emotions which could either be positive or negative. Positive emotions may range from being caring, respectful, patience, loving and confidence. Whereas, negative emotions may range from being jealous, resentful, fearful and self pity just to mention a few (Valencia n.d). Therefore, behaviour management policies help the child to have a clear sense of judgment with how they should react to different situations in the environment that they are in. Rise of sustainable friendships are relationships: As they say, “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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