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About Gallos theory - Essay Example

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This therefore necessitates for a good theory, a theory that is grounded and pragmatic. Tis is so because, good theories can be termed to be frameworks for helping make sense of that which is in…
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About Gallos theory
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Download file to see previous pages This bring of board Gallos four-dimensional diagnostic theory which proposes for a multi-pronged approach to organizational diagnosis, change anddevelopment
Organizations can be understood as families, machines, a theater or even a jungle. In line with this view, it can then be argued out that organizations are ordinarily characterized with complexity. This therefore necessitates for a diagnostic model to be brought on board to assist in better comprehending this complexity. One of the theories used in shading light to organizational complexity is Gallos’ four-dimensional diagnostic model. Undeniably, organizations have complex dynamics. Besides being obliged with the reframing role in those organization development works which are seemingly effective, the aforementioned model also makes an exploration the various avenues through which the multi-frame model can be employed for purposes of expanding perceptions of the organization’s stipulated change, development and intervention strategy. This brings to our attention the aspect of organizational theory. By definition, organizational theory denotes the study of the structures, designs as well as relationships of an organization with the external environment. Organizational theory encompasses the strategies that organizations embark on so as to comfortably cope up with changes taking place within and around the organization. In addition, organizational theory (OT) also entails the study of an organization so that the organization in question can be in a better position to reap from the identification of a shared theme of purpose, maximize productivity and efficiency and at the same time ensure that it satisfactorily meets the stakeholders’ needs.
Notably, the principal traditions in organizational theory fall into four discrete areas, commonly known as frames. These frames include organizational structure, political dynamics, human resource and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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About Gallos Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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