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Applying Leadership Styles - Essay Example

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This means that organizational business is conducted in such a manner that the management and other leaders at the top of the organizational hierarchy always spell out instructions to the…
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Applying Leadership Styles
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Download file to see previous pages This is because transformational leadership is one that powers to control affairs, while appreciating the inputs of their subordinates and the essence of the presence of their subordinates to achieve the common aim of the organization (Labor Laws and Clarifications, 2000). Moreover, transformational leadership tries to employ several different mechanisms to achieve organizational leadership goals. The reason why such a leadership style would best fit the organization in question is that because of the top-bottom approach, it would be important that the leaders use a leadership style that meets all varying characteristics, skills and knowledge of employees who will be expected to take up orders and instructions for execution (Johnson, 2012). It would be observed that given any organization, there are always and often different categories of people who go about their duties and responsibilities different. To maximize the differences that exist among all of these people, the best approach is to ensure that there is a generalized system that takes into consideration the differences that exists among the people. Meanwhile, the transformational leadership style equips itself with superseding personal interests of leaders with collective goal achievement, which is much like the servant leadership style (Gardener, 2008).
On the other hand, a leadership style that employs the principles of lazier faire and delegate approaches may be least effective when applied in the selected organization. This point is made against the backdrop that with a top-bottom management style, it is always important that the leaders be presented with an avenue through which they would be able to supervise the activities of the subordinates to ensure that they are confirming to the instructions and orders that come from above (Mustapha, 2008). Meanwhile, in a typical lazier faire leadership style, leaders do not get enough medium to track the performance of employees and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Applying Leadership Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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