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Emotional responds - Assignment Example

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This paper discusses important emotional aspects of a website including challenge, pace, character strength, and plots that appeal to the customers while on the website. In designing a website, it is important to…
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Emotional responds
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Extract of sample "Emotional responds"

Emotional Response of Expedia and EBags Websites EBags Website Every website should emotionally appeal to the target audience. This paper discusses important emotional aspects of a website including challenge, pace, character strength, and plots that appeal to the customers while on the website. In designing a website, it is important to consider posing a challenge to the target audience to make them coming for more. The first thing that catches the sight of an audience on the EBags website is the big sale of discounted products. The offer reads “Designer sale, up to 50% off.” This poses a challenge to all customers opening this site in search for designer products. It will make the customer inquisitive to understand the product on offer and if what the customer needed, is on offer. The website displays bags with names on them to allow the users learn the names of their favourite products. Since shopping online requires trust, EBags website like many sites has included its compliance to website securities. Unlike many websites, EBags has included the number of customer reviews in its archives, number of shoppers online, and the total of bags shipped to date to raise the confidence of shoppers.
The plot in EBags website is designed in a way that the audience feels emotionally attached on opening the website. The user identifies with the savings, advanced travel design bags, the season’s best picks in the web. In disbelief, the user will browse through immediately to confirm the prices, the offers, and the products. From the number of good reviews from customers, the user will identify with the customers and make a sale. Additionally, the website has relevant information to a sale and the users have the right to manoeuvre the website with their own pace.
Expedia Website
This is an internet-based travel website based in the US, which books airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages to various attraction sites. The main challenge that Expedia poses to its users is in finding a reward for their search. The customer has an option to earn double nectar points after selecting one of the hundreds deals for fall getaway. Additionally, a user has several options to select from the website, which can make him come back to evaluate the savings he would make. For instance, there is an option for a user to either book a flight, hotel, or cars separately, or book a combination of a hotel and a flight. A user who had previously booked flight and hotel separately would come back and try to make some savings on booking the two together. Like many other sites, Expedia have navigational tools that enable one to search for hotels or some desired getaways.
The plot of Expedia is in way that all the services offered by the website are aligned in a column to make it easier for the customers to peruse through. The fact that this is on the face of the website makes it faster for the users. Events have a chronological arrangement that enables a user to perform an action after another one. The customers have an option of joining the website and becoming part of the big team that influences the activities of the website through their reviews. The users set the pace to some features that are particular to them especially when performing an action. However, they are in no control of some advertisements that flows in form of slides carrying discounts, last minute deals, and some famous getaways. Read More
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