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When encountered with different challenges however, this habit may not be ensured. This paper shall discuss literature on hand washing, and discuss possible research which can…
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Research Method
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Download file to see previous pages Inamulhaq (2012) discussed that there are different techniques which can be adopted by nurses and other health practitioners in order to ensure and improve hand washing techniques. One of these methods is health education, and this would necessitate the actual training of the staff in relation to proper hand washing techniques in the clinical setting (Inamulhaq, 2012). The availability of antibacterial soaps was also highlighted as an important means of ensuring the application of hand washing techniques. Moreover, facilities where hand washing can be carried out can also be made available in as many places as possible for the hospital staff (Inamulhaq, 2012).
In the paper by Erasmus and colleagues (2010), the importance of action planning, was established as one of the effective ways hand washing among nurses can be improved. Action planning involves active participation in the hand washing process, for example, nurses may list when they are supposed to wash their hands. Covering 17 participants in a pilot study on hand hygiene behaviour, the authors established that where an action plan for the nurses is established before or during the shift, the possibility of ensuring that hand washing is carried out becomes greater (Erasmus,, 2010). The action plan then soon becomes part of the nurse’s routine and the possibility of compliance is significantly improved (Erasmus,, 2010).
In the study by Nicol,, (2009) the authors emphasized the theory of planned behaviour. The study revealed that the theory of planned behaviour could sufficiently help improve the education and training of nurses in hand hygiene behaviour (Nicol,, 2009). This study was also able to demonstrate that deep-seated habits which are incorporated well into a person’s activities have a significant potential of improving a certain activity or behaviour (Nicol,, 2009). The theory of planned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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